The List of Hashes

The hashes Serving Seamen has done

Hash Number Hyper Location Description Date City
163 No Covered Bridge Park more rain and mud 2019/04/20 (Sat) Florence
159 No Tower Park Ft Thomas December Holiday Hash 2018/12/15 (Sat) Fort Thomas
142 Yes General James Taylor Park Tour duh Hash Event 2017/08/02 (Wed) Newport
141 No Skyline Tavern Newport KY None 2017/07/14 (Fri) Newport
140 No Turfway Pink Dress Run 2017/06/17 (Sat) Florence
138 No Industrial Wasteland on 16th Street None 2017/04/22 (Sat) Covington
136 No Bellevue Beach Park 3rd Annual Family Hash 2017/02/25 (Sat) Bellevue
135 No Presidents Park The Return of Ben's Chicken 2017/01/28 (Sat) Edgewood
77 No Gen Ormsby Summer Cookout 2012/07/29 (Sun) Fort Mitchell
76 No Woodland Park None 2012/06/24 (Sun) Waynesville
64 No Casa de Cock in a Box and Sir Pees a lot None 2011/06/26 (Sun) Cincinnati
34 No Maloney's Sports Bar None 2008/12/28 (Sun) Reading
20 No Superbowl None 2007/08/26 (Sun) Erlanger
19 No Latonia Centre None 2007/07/29 (Sun) Covington
18 No Southgate [Approximate location] None 2007/06/24 (Sun) Southgate
17 No Main Strasse None 2007/05/27 (Sun) Covington
15 No Thriftway at 6th & York None 2007/03/18 (Sun) Newport
14 No Dollar Tree None 2007/02/25 (Sun) Covington
13 No Willie's SportsBar None 2007/01/28 (Sun) Covington
12 No Blockbuster None 2006/12/17 (Sun) Newport
11 No 3rd & Greenup None 2006/11/26 (Sun) Covington
10 No Gardens of Park Hills None 2006/10/29 (Sun) Park Hills
9 No Huddle's Cafe None 2006/09/24 (Sun) Newport
8 No Pickle Park River Boat Row None 2006/08/27 (Sun) Newport
7 No Ludlow Park None 2006/07/23 (Sun) Ludlow
6 No 9th District School None 2006/06/25 (Sun) Covington