The List of Hashes

The hashes Shaving Ryan's Privates has done

Hash Number Hyper Location Description Date City
180 No Sargent Park Pinky and Just Mandy's wedding 2021/09/25 (Sat) Dayton
177 No Erlanger June Hashy Hash! 2021/06/26 (Sat) Erlanger
176 No Welcome Back 2021/05/29 (Sat) Cold Spring
175 No Parking Lot next to Pepper Pod Restaurant March Hash 2020/03/07 (Sat) Newport
174 No perfect north Tubing Hash 2020/02/15 (Sat) Lawrenceburg
172 No LaRosa's Parking lot Holiday Hash 2019/12/14 (Sat) Taylor Mill
171 No Chevy Chase Inn (Lexington) Hellhounds Full Moon 2019/12/12 (Thu) Lexington
169 No Bar 32 Bengals Tailgate Hash 2019 2019/10/06 (Sun) Covington
168 No Pickle Park Oktoberfest 2019/09/21 (Sat) Newport
167 No Florence freedom park Freedom in Florence 2019/08/23 (Fri) Florence
165 No The Town of Walton Pink Dress Run 2019/06/15 (Sat) Walton
163 No Covered Bridge Park more rain and mud 2019/04/20 (Sat) Florence
162 No Florence Nature Park Mud and Rain Hash 2019/03/09 (Sat) Florence
161 No Perfect North Tubing Hash 2019/02/23 (Sat) Lawrenceburg
160 Yes Main Strasse Snowmagedon Hash 2019/01/12 (Sat) Covington
159 No Tower Park Ft Thomas December Holiday Hash 2018/12/15 (Sat) Fort Thomas
157 No Pioneer Park October Hash 2018/10/20 (Sat) Covington
155 No Bartlett park Surprise! 2018/08/18 (Sat) Newport
153 No Walton Kohn's Shikken BDay Hash 2018/07/28 (Sat) Walton
152 No Kenney Shields Park Pink Dress Run 2018/06/16 (Sat) Covington
151 No Bellevue Vets May Hash 2018/05/20 (Sun) Bellevue
149 No Son of Siam Martial Arts Weekend Blizzard Hash 2018/03/24 (Sat) Erlanger
148 No Rossford Park Weekend Hash 2018/02/24 (Sat) Fort Thomas
146 No Larosas Taylor Mill Weekend Hash 2017/12/16 (Sat) Taylor Mill
144 No Bartlett Park None 2017/10/21 (Sat) Newport
142 Yes General James Taylor Park Tour duh Hash Event 2017/08/02 (Wed) Newport
138 No Industrial Wasteland on 16th Street None 2017/04/22 (Sat) Covington
137 No Parking Lot at Greenup between 2nd and 3rd Welcome Spring! 2017/03/25 (Sat) Covington
135 No Presidents Park The Return of Ben's Chicken 2017/01/28 (Sat) Edgewood
134 No Herb and Thelmas Tavern Holiday Hash 2016/12/17 (Sat) Covington