The List of Hashes

The hashes Jason & The Gargle Nuts has done

Hash Number Hyper Location Description Date City
143 No Lebos Bar Sausage fest w/ Clams Hash 2017/09/23 (Sat) Cincinnati
127 No Edgewood Parking Lot Welcome home Gargle 2016/06/12 (Sun) Edgewood
115 No Edge Inn Pre Lube for SCH4 Pub Crawl 2015/08/06 (Thu) Cincinnati
113 No Erlanger Surprise Independence Day Hash Cookout 2015/07/04 (Sat) Erlanger
111 No Embshoff Woods Barbie and Ken Wedding Hash of Herpe and Call Thurman 2015/05/23 (Sat) Cincinnati
108 No Loveland None 2015/02/28 (Sat) Loveland
107 No Erlanger Cookout 2015/01/31 (Sat) Erlanger
98 No Goebel Park None 2014/04/29 (Tue) Covington
97 No President's Park None 2014/03/29 (Sat) Edgewood
96 No Mainstrasse Steak and blowjob day 2014/02/15 (Sat) Covington
92 No Strasse Hause Bengals Tailgate 2013/10/27 (Sun) Covington
79 No Ault Park Una Loses Something 2012/08/26 (Sun) Cincinnati
78 No Downtown Falmouth Pre Lub for SCH4 Pub Crawl Join with Porkalotapus 2012/08/09 (Thu) Falmouth
77 No Gen Ormsby Summer Cookout 2012/07/29 (Sun) Fort Mitchell
57 No Walgreen's None 2010/11/28 (Sun) Cincinnati
52 No Ludlow Bromley Yacht Club None 2010/06/20 (Sun) Ludlow