The List of Hashes

The hashes Shut The Fuck Up has done

Hash Number Hyper Location Description Date City
175 No Parking Lot next to Pepper Pod Restaurant March Hash 2020/03/07 (Sat) Newport
174 No perfect north Tubing Hash 2020/02/15 (Sat) Lawrenceburg
173 No Parking Lot near Bar 32 New Year's Hangover Hash 2020/01/01 (Wed) Covington
172 No LaRosa's Parking lot Holiday Hash 2019/12/14 (Sat) Taylor Mill
171 No Chevy Chase Inn (Lexington) Hellhounds Full Moon 2019/12/12 (Thu) Lexington
170 No Herb n Thelma's November Hash 2019/11/30 (Sat) Covington
169 No Bar 32 Bengals Tailgate Hash 2019 2019/10/06 (Sun) Covington
168 No Pickle Park Oktoberfest 2019/09/21 (Sat) Newport
167 No Florence freedom park Freedom in Florence 2019/08/23 (Fri) Florence
166 No The Canoe Place Beercamp LVH Event 2019/07/25 (Thu) Brookville
165 No The Town of Walton Pink Dress Run 2019/06/15 (Sat) Walton
164 No Lot D Reds Game Hash 2019/05/18 (Sat) Cincinnati
163 No Covered Bridge Park more rain and mud 2019/04/20 (Sat) Florence
162 No Florence Nature Park Mud and Rain Hash 2019/03/09 (Sat) Florence
161 No Perfect North Tubing Hash 2019/02/23 (Sat) Lawrenceburg
160 Yes Main Strasse Snowmagedon Hash 2019/01/12 (Sat) Covington
159 No Tower Park Ft Thomas December Holiday Hash 2018/12/15 (Sat) Fort Thomas
158 No 36th & Decoursey November Licking Valley 2018/11/17 (Sat) Covington
157 No Pioneer Park October Hash 2018/10/20 (Sat) Covington
156 No 4314 Boron Dr Covington September Hash 2018/09/08 (Sat) Covington
155 No Bartlett park Surprise! 2018/08/18 (Sat) Newport
154 No Devou Park Family Friendly Hash 2018/08/11 (Sat) Covington
153 No Walton Kohn's Shikken BDay Hash 2018/07/28 (Sat) Walton
152 No Kenney Shields Park Pink Dress Run 2018/06/16 (Sat) Covington
151 No Bellevue Vets May Hash 2018/05/20 (Sun) Bellevue
150 No Memorial Park Southern Kentucky Hash 2018/04/21 (Sat) Independence
149 No Son of Siam Martial Arts Weekend Blizzard Hash 2018/03/24 (Sat) Erlanger
148 No Rossford Park Weekend Hash 2018/02/24 (Sat) Fort Thomas
147 No Perfect North Slopes Licking Valley Hash 147 Tubing Hash 2018/01/27 (Sat) Greendale
146 No Larosas Taylor Mill Weekend Hash 2017/12/16 (Sat) Taylor Mill
145 No Bill Cappel Sports Complex None 2017/11/18 (Sat) Covington
144 No Bartlett Park None 2017/10/21 (Sat) Newport
143 No Lebos Bar Sausage fest w/ Clams Hash 2017/09/23 (Sat) Cincinnati
142 Yes General James Taylor Park Tour duh Hash Event 2017/08/02 (Wed) Newport
141 No Skyline Tavern Newport KY None 2017/07/14 (Fri) Newport
140 No Turfway Pink Dress Run 2017/06/17 (Sat) Florence
139 Yes Goebel Park Rare Licking Valley Hyper! 2017/05/11 (Thu) Covington
138 No Industrial Wasteland on 16th Street None 2017/04/22 (Sat) Covington
137 No Parking Lot at Greenup between 2nd and 3rd Welcome Spring! 2017/03/25 (Sat) Covington
136 No Bellevue Beach Park 3rd Annual Family Hash 2017/02/25 (Sat) Bellevue
135 No Presidents Park The Return of Ben's Chicken 2017/01/28 (Sat) Edgewood
134 No Herb and Thelmas Tavern Holiday Hash 2016/12/17 (Sat) Covington
133 No Ft Thomas Tower Park Unknown 2016/11/19 (Sat) Fort Thomas
132 No World Peace Bell World Peace Through Beer (Joint SCH4) 2016/10/15 (Sat) Newport
130 No Big bone lick 2nd Annual Family Hash 2016/08/27 (Sat) Union
131 No Pee Wees place Unknown 2016/08/27 (Sat) Crescent Springs
129 No El Toro Bravo Pink Dress 2016/07/30 (Sat) Walton
128 No Wards Crossing Shopping Center Thurman Baby Shower 2016/06/18 (Sat) Loveland
127 No Edgewood Parking Lot Welcome home Gargle 2016/06/12 (Sun) Edgewood
126 No Erlanger cookout 2016/05/21 (Sat) Erlanger
125 No Paxton Ramsey Park Cheetah Hash 2016/04/23 (Sat) Loveland
124 No Sports Rock Bar and Grill None 2016/03/12 (Sat) Cincinnati
123 No Pickle Park Riverboat Row 10 Year LVH3 Analversary (And moose's birthday) 2016/02/13 (Sat) Newport
122 No Dudley Road Ben Shikkin Deployment & Baby Shower Hash 2016/01/30 (Sat) Edgewood
121 No Covington Holiday Hash 2015/12/19 (Sat) Covington
120 No Hahannah Beach Parking Lot None 2015/11/07 (Sat) Cincinnati
119 No Acapuco's Mexican, Lawrenceburg World Peace Through Beer 2015/10/24 (Sat) Greendale
118 No Milford None 2015/09/26 (Sat) Milford
117 No Lakeside Park (next to Presbyterian Church) None 2015/08/30 (Sun) Lakeside Park
116 No Amberly Village Surprise Family Hash #2 2015/08/23 (Sun) Cincinnati
115 No Edge Inn Pre Lube for SCH4 Pub Crawl 2015/08/06 (Thu) Cincinnati
114 No Sharon Woods Park First Anal Family Hash 2015/07/26 (Sun) Sharonville
113 No Erlanger Surprise Independence Day Hash Cookout 2015/07/04 (Sat) Erlanger
112 No Milford Long Ass Shiggy Trail 2015/06/20 (Sat) Milford
111 No Embshoff Woods Barbie and Ken Wedding Hash of Herpe and Call Thurman 2015/05/23 (Sat) Cincinnati
110 No Loveland First Anal Save the Tatas Pink Dress Hash join with CFMH3 2015/04/25 (Sat) Loveland
109 No Acapulco's Mexican, Lawrenceburg None 2015/03/28 (Sat) Lawrenceburg
108 No Loveland None 2015/02/28 (Sat) Loveland
107 No Erlanger Cookout 2015/01/31 (Sat) Erlanger
106 No Aiken High School Holiday Hash Join with SWOT 2014/12/21 (Sun) Cincinnati
105 No Loveland None 2014/11/22 (Sat) Loveland
103 No Newport Oktoberfest 2014/09/27 (Sat) Newport
99 No Beacon Orthopedics Parking Lot Memorial Day Cookout 2014/05/24 (Sat) Erlanger
96 No Mainstrasse Steak and blowjob day 2014/02/15 (Sat) Covington
95 No Senior Citizens Center None 2014/01/18 (Sat) Independence
94 No Crawford Woods Park Holiday Hash 2013/12/29 (Sun) Hamilton
93 No Village of Glendale Park None 2013/12/01 (Sun) Glendale
90 No Austinburg Park Cookout 2013/08/25 (Sun) Covington
87 No KMart Memorial Day Cookout 2013/05/26 (Sun) Edgewood
83 No Hilton Hotel Parking Lot Parking lot hash / holiday hash 2012/12/30 (Sun) Florence
77 No Gen Ormsby Summer Cookout 2012/07/29 (Sun) Fort Mitchell
74 No Casa de Spoiled Meat & STFU Earth Day 2012/04/22 (Sun) Erlanger
72 No Casa de Eager Mardis Gras 2012/02/18 (Sat) Fort Mitchell
69 No Andy's Cafe Woodstock 2011/11/27 (Sun) Cincinnati