The List of Hashes

The hashes Pinky Pleasure has done

Hash Number Hyper Location Description Date City
107 No Goebel Park Pool Hot Tub Slut and Hyper Hand Job 2022/01/19 (Wed) Covington
30 No Evanston Recreation Area Slut and Pinky near Xavier 2018/08/07 (Tue) Cincinnati
29 No Living Hope Baptist Church First in Ft. Thomas 2018/07/24 (Tue) Fort Thomas
23 No Campbell county circuit court Law Day 2018/05/01 (Tue) Newport
22 No Irene's Little Bar QCH4 #21 2018/04/17 (Tue) Crescent Springs
21 No Northern Burnett Woods Pinocchiho's Virgin Lay 2018/04/03 (Tue) Cincinnati
20 No Dunham Not queen city pizza 2018/03/20 (Tue) Cincinnati
15 No Rakestraw Memorial Field 1st of 2018 2018/01/09 (Tue) Cincinnati
14 No Bellevue Vets Bar QCH4 #13 2017/12/12 (Tue) Bellevue
13 No Arlin's Just Ashley's virgin lay 2017/11/28 (Tue) Cincinnati
12 No Carl Lindner Waterworks Park #11 2017/11/14 (Tue) Cincinnati
10 No Beat It's Hash 2017/10/17 (Tue) Cincinnati
9 No AmVets Bellevue Hash 2017/10/03 (Tue) Bellevue
8 No Longworths Joint hash TLAPD-2017 2017/09/19 (Tue) Cincinnati
5 No Northside Tavern Hash 2017/08/07 (Mon) Cincinnati