Cohare List (Non Hyper Hashes)

Non Hyper Hashes Only

The hares who've had the shame of haring with H&R Cock
Hasher Name EventNumber Location
Gourmet 633 Lucky Dog Tavern
Hot Tub Slut 642 Wyoming Middle School
Spoiled Meat 661 Silverlake Park
Elephant Retardy Ass 666 Christy's
Gourmet 687 Schappacher Park
Hyper Hand Job 687 Schappacher Park
Best Blow 710 Longworths
Dah Gimp 710 Longworths
Golden Showers 710 Longworths
NHN 1289 710 Longworths
NHN 1290 710 Longworths
Quarter Barrel 710 Longworths
Broke Dick Mountain 715 Home Depot
Spoiled Meat 715 Home Depot
Best Blow 720 Brand Image
Y=Pi 720 Brand Image
Y=Pi 734 Logan
Cock In A Box 736 Biggs
Kappa Grabba Cock 736 Biggs
Shamcock (SCH4) 736 Biggs
Gourmet 743 Backyard Bar
Hyper Hand Job 743 Backyard Bar
Crack Whore 765 Brew Haus
Elephant Retardy Ass 765 Brew Haus
Y=Pi 777 Strausse Haus
Cock In A Box 791 Blue Ash Nature Park
Kappa Grabba Cock 791 Blue Ash Nature Park
Shamcock (SCH4) 791 Blue Ash Nature Park
Best Blow 793 Monty's
Thumbelanal 793 Monty's
Y=Pi 794 Downtown
Gourmet 800 Lower Millcrest Park
Hyper Hand Job 800 Lower Millcrest Park
Dah Gimp 809 Caldwell Nature Preserve
Y=Pi 809 Caldwell Nature Preserve
Y=Pi 814 Happy Days Tavern
Crotch Thumper 815 Horseshoe Casino
Fat Drunk & Stupid 815 Horseshoe Casino
I'm Not Gay 815 Horseshoe Casino
Jason & The Gargle Nuts 815 Horseshoe Casino
Ribbed 4 Her Pleasure 815 Horseshoe Casino
Shamcock (SCH4) 815 Horseshoe Casino
The Unalicker 815 Horseshoe Casino
Y=Pi 823 St. Bernard Pool
Moose Knuckle Crunch 833 Phillips Park
Y=Pi 833 Phillips Park
Y=Pi 851 Head First Cafe
Scrum Dumpster 862 MVP Sports Bar
Y=Pi 862 MVP Sports Bar
Chuuuck 869 Mr. Pitiful's
Jason & The Gargle Nuts 869 Mr. Pitiful's
Y=Pi 869 Mr. Pitiful's
Ben Shikkin 877 Wyoming Civic Center
Y=Pi 877 Wyoming Civic Center
Shamcock (SCH4) 882 Casa de Gay
Gourmet 900 Kroger Lot Springdale
Yes! Yes! Yes! 908 Blue Ash at Grooms Road Park
Grand Theft Twauto 924 Casa De H&R
Hot Tub Slut 924 Casa De H&R
Moose Knuckle Crunch 924 Casa De H&R
Shut The Fuck Up 924 Casa De H&R
Spoiled Meat 924 Casa De H&R
Y=Pi 924 Casa De H&R
Y=Pi 933 Neon's
Cock-a-Noodle 945 Lucky Dog Bar and Grille
Y=Pi 945 Lucky Dog Bar and Grille
Spoiled Meat 953 Colerane middle school
Gourmet 1001 Tri County Dick's Sporting Goods
Tender Titties 1001 Tri County Dick's Sporting Goods
Little Boy Blue Balls 1009 Mr Pitifuls
Shut The Fuck Up 1009 Mr Pitifuls
Spoiled Meat 1009 Mr Pitifuls
No Funyun 1020 Hartwell Kroger
Herpe The Love Bug 1040 Blue Ash Nature Park
Tender Titties 1040 Blue Ash Nature Park
Gourmet 1052 Deer Park Tavern
Hyper Hand Job 1052 Deer Park Tavern
Y=Pi 1076 Case de H&R Cock and Y=PI
Hyper Hand Job 1096 Bellevue Eagles
Y=Pi 1096 Bellevue Eagles
Gourmet 1106 Al's Bar Sharonville
Hyper Hand Job 1106 Al's Bar Sharonville
No Funyun 1125 Y and H&Rs
Y=Pi 1125 Y and H&Rs
Herpe The Love Bug 1129 H&R and Y's and Dozer's
Tender Titties 1129 H&R and Y's and Dozer's
Gourmet 1164 Reading Municipal Pool
Hyper Hand Job 1164 Reading Municipal Pool
The Unalicker 1201 Greendale Indiana
Y=Pi 1206 Pi and H&R's place
Shaving Ryan's Privates 1207 Keehner Park West Chester
Duck Tails 12221 French Park
No Funyun 12221 French Park
Herpe The Love Bug 1232 Sharon Woods Park
Gourmet 1249 Winton Woods
Hyper Hand Job 1249 Winton Woods