The List of Hashers

Hashers at Hash Number 1136 (Vorhees Park)

Hasher Name Abbreviation
Hot Tub Slut HTS, Hot Tub, slut
Cock In A Box CIAB, Mr InABox
Tender Titties Tender,TT
Serving Seamen
Boneless (DH3)
Captain Cockpit Captain
Broke Dick Mountain Broke, BDM, Chippendick
Shut The Fuck Up STFU
Spoiled Meat SM
Missionary Impossible (DH3)
Dreams of Dick
Beat It SueAnn
Grand Theft Twauto
No Funyun Dirty Funyun, No Funyun, funyon, funion
NHN Eli Johnson 072015
Flog My Sister's Salty Snatch
Elephant Retardy Ass
Ugandarrhea Ghandi
Afro Samurai Afro
Lil Pocket Rocket Little Pocket rocket
The Unalicker