The List of Hashes

The hashes Cock-a-Noodle has hared

Hash Number Hyper Location Description Date City
1228 No Community First Pharmacy Gispert Memorial 2021/02/11 (Thu) Middletown
1204 No Home of the Brave Park Independence Day 2020/07/04 (Sat) Loveland
1198 No Virtual Hash Yet Another Virtual Hash 2020/05/09 (Sat) Cincinnati
1162 No The Canoe Place Shooting Star Hash 2019/07/27 (Sat) Brookville
1161 No The Canoe Place Canoe Hash 2019/07/27 (Sat) Brookville
1159 No Home of the Brave Park, Loveland The Herpes Noodle Heatwave Hash 2019/07/20 (Sat) Loveland
1063 No Jack Casino Oktoberfest Zinzinnati Hash 2017/09/16 (Sat) Cincinnati
1057 No Mack's Tavern Elephant Day Hash 2017/08/12 (Sat)
1055 No Brookville Beercamp Shooting Star 2017/08/05 (Sat) Brookville
1045 No Renaissance Festival Grounds OHIH Saturday Night Trail 2017/06/10 (Sat) Waynesville
1013 No Casa de Blue Balls Hashathon Event 3 2016/09/30 (Fri) Cincinnati
1012 No Camp Washington Hubbard Towing Hashathon Event 2 2016/09/30 (Fri) Cincinnati
1011 No Longworth Hall Hashathon Event 1 2016/09/30 (Fri) Cincinnati
945 No Lucky Dog Bar and Grille Leap Day Hash 2016/02/29 (Mon) Mason
915 No Camp Graham Beer Camp 2015/08/08 (Sat) Clarksville