The List of Hashes

The hashes The Unalicker has hared

Hash Number Hyper Location Description Date City
1355 No Glendale Glendale 2023/09/23 (Sat) Cincinnati
1353 No Colerain Ave Talk like a Pirate 2023/09/16 (Sat) Cincinnati
1335 No Washington park glendale HTS birthday hash 2023/04/29 (Sat)
1306 No Summit Park Talk like a Pirate 2022/09/19 (Mon) Blue Ash
1305 No 4th and Plum Red Dress Run 2022/09/17 (Sat)
1291 No Waterworks waterworks trail with tunnel 2022/06/04 (Sat) Newport
1283 No Bob Meyer Park April Fool's 2022/04/01 (Fri) Cincinnati
1275 Yes Wiedemann’s Fine Beer, Brewery & Pub Hyper Hash - Weidemann's 2022/01/20 (Thu) Cincinnati
1267 No Next to Rosie's Tavern Tailgate Hash w Porkolotopus 2021/11/07 (Sun) Covington
1243 No 4th and Plum Hot Tubs Gonna Beat It Birthday Bash 2021/06/05 (Sat) Cincinnati
1220 No Deer Park Tavern The Herpe Family Hash 2020/11/07 (Sat) Cincinnati
1213 No Sundin Fields at Heritage Oak Park Talk Like a Pirate Hash 2020/09/19 (Sat) Mason
1211 No Burnet Woods Joint SCH4/DH3 Red Dress Run 2020/08/29 (Sat) Cincinnati
1201 No Greendale Indiana covid hash 2020/06/06 (Sat) Greendale
1179 No Madeira Kroger Madeira Kroger Hash 2019/11/09 (Sat) Madeira
1178 No White Oak Marathon White Oak Gas Station Hash 2019/10/26 (Sat) Cincinnati
1172 No Hot Tub's Sex Pad Talk like a pirate 2019/09/19 (Thu) Cincinnati
1143 No Happy Hollow Inn Green Dress 2019/03/16 (Sat) Cincinnati
1135 Yes wood bar hyper 2019/01/17 (Thu) Norwood
1120 No 4th & plum apartments hottub's place Red dress run 2018/09/29 (Sat) Cincinnati
1118 No Mirror Lake, Eden Park Talk Like a Pirate Haah 2018/09/19 (Wed) Cincinnati
1100 No Oakley Playground 1100th and Scrum Butternuts Wedding 2018/06/09 (Sat) Cincinnati
1088 No Hot Tub's Una and Y's 500th 2018/03/03 (Sat) Cincinnati
1064 No Longworth Hall Talk Like a Pirate Hash 2017/09/19 (Tue) Cincinnati
1049 No Jimmy Buffet Tailgate Hash Serving Seamen's 104th! 2017/07/08 (Sat) Cincinnati
1034 No Murphy's Landing in Middletown Green Dress Run (DH3/SCH4) 2017/03/18 (Sat) Middletown
1023 No Casa de Crackwhore Christmas Eve Hash 2016/12/24 (Sat) Fort Wright
1010 No Wood Bar Talk like a pirate hash 2016/09/19 (Mon) Norwood
965 No 4th & Plum Pool Una's Treasure Cunt 2016/07/09 (Sat) Cincinnati
957 Yes Backyard Bar None 2016/05/19 (Thu) Cincinnati
946 No Marberg Target Cinco de Marzo 2016/03/05 (Sat) Cincinnati
923 No 4th & Plum Talk like a Pirate Hash 2015/09/19 (Sat) Cincinnati
904 No Serenity Hills Ohio Interhash 2015/06/07 (Sun) New Marshfield
899 No Murphy's Pub None 2015/05/16 (Sat) Cincinnati
891 No 4th & Plum Green Dress Run 2015/03/14 (Sat) Cincinnati
868 No Bellvue Vets Bar None 2014/09/19 (Fri) Bellevue
858 No Camp Graham Campout 2014/08/09 (Sat) Clarksville
828 No Downtown New Year's Eve 2013/12/31 (Tue) Cincinnati
819 No Drake Park Zombie Hash 2013/11/02 (Sat) Cincinnati
815 No Horseshoe Casino None 2013/09/21 (Sat) Cincinnati
813 No California Pirate Hash 2013/09/19 (Thu) Cincinnati
808 No Sandy's Stage Coach Saloon Toga! 2013/08/24 (Sat) Blue Ash
802 No Kenny's Farm Beer Camp 2013/08/10 (Sat) Falmouth
799 No Spoiled Meat's Hillbilly Hash Wedding 2013/07/27 (Sat) Erlanger
771 No Brown Bar Package Handler Memorial 2012/12/29 (Sat) Hamilton
767 No 4th & Plum Apts None 2012/12/15 (Sat) Cincinnati
754 No Backstage Cafe Talk Like A Pirate Hash 2012/09/19 (Wed) Covington
750 No Christy's Toga Hash 2012/08/25 (Sat) Cincinnati
747 No Brossart Farm Shooting Star 2012/08/11 (Sat) Falmouth
735 Yes Deer Park Inn None 2012/06/14 (Thu) Cincinnati
730 No Blue Ash Nature Park Earth Day Hash 2012/04/21 (Sat) Blue Ash
708 No Ziegler Park None 2011/11/05 (Sat) Cincinnati
698 No Kasa de Kenny Kan't Kum Talk Like A Pirate Hash 2011/09/19 (Mon) Fort Mitchell
697 No Head First Cafe DH3 / SCH4 Red Dress Hash 2011/09/17 (Sat) Cincinnati
693 No Logos Toga Hash 2011/08/27 (Sat) Cincinnati
688 No Morgan's Campground Camping 2011/08/12 (Fri) Brookville
656 No Kmart None 2010/12/04 (Sat) Blue Ash
648 No Thick 'n' Juicy's GAR/PZ Wedding Hash 2010/10/09 (Sat) Union
643 No Greyhound Bus Station Talk Like A Pirate Hash 2010/09/19 (Sun) Cincinnati
634 No Brookvile [location: approximate] Camp Out Weekend 2010/08/13 (Fri) Brookville
632 No Eden Park Toga Hash 2010/07/17 (Sat) Cincinnati
629 No Thick 'n' Juicy's Southern Hashpitality 2010/06/19 (Sat) Union
616 No Knights of Columbus SCH4 / DH3 Wearin' o' the Green Hash 2010/03/13 (Sat) Hamilton
613 No Goebel Park Mardi Gras Hash 2010/02/13 (Sat) Covington
606 No 4th and Plum Apartments Xmas Hash 2009/12/19 (Sat) Cincinnati
600.5 No Animations Pub Crawl Hash 2009/11/06 (Fri) Cincinnati
592 No Greyhound Bus Station Talk Like A Pirate Hash 2009/09/19 (Sat) Cincinnati
588 No Jerzees SCH4 / DH3 Red Dress Hash 2009/08/29 (Sat) Newport
582 No River Park [location approximate] Camp Out Hash #1 2009/08/14 (Fri) Brookville
573 No Game Day Cafe Party at the Point Hash 2009/06/17 (Wed) Cincinnati
561 No Casey Ds SCH4 / DH3 Wearin' o' the Green Hash 2009/03/14 (Sat) Cincinnati
553 No Hill Station New Year's Eve Hash 2008/12/31 (Wed)
550 No Harley Hotel Parking Lot Welcum to My Una-verse 2008/12/13 (Sat) Cincinnati
549 No Monk's Cove None 2008/12/06 (Sat) Cincinnati
536 No Greyhound Bus Station Talk Like A Pirate Hash 2008/09/19 (Fri) Cincinnati
533 No Greyhound Bus Depot Party in the Park Hash 2008/09/10 (Wed) Cincinnati
525 No BMV Gispert Birth Analversary Hash 2008/07/31 (Thu) Cincinnati
524C No Curdled Cum's / Famunda's Midnight Naked Hash 2008/07/19 (Sat) Cincinnati
524B No Curdled Cum's / Famunda's 11 o'clock Naked Hash 2008/07/19 (Sat) Cincinnati
507 Yes City Park None 2008/03/20 (Thu) Ludlow
503 No Krogers None 2008/02/16 (Sat) Montgomery
500.5 No Tina's SCH4 500th Weekend Pub Crawl 2008/01/18 (Fri) Cincinnati
496 No Brazenhead Irish Pub Xmas Hash 2007/12/08 (Sat) Mason
486 No Fountain Square Reds/Cubs Hash II 2007/09/29 (Sat) Cincinnati
484 No General James Taylor Park Talk Like A Pirate Hash 2007/09/19 (Wed) Newport
471 No PMS's Office [location: not yet] None 2007/06/23 (Sat) Fort Thomas
470 Yes Andy's Family Cafe None 2007/06/21 (Thu) Cincinnati
460 No Meijer's April Fools Day Eve Hash 2007/03/31 (Sat) Cincinnati
459 No Froggy Blues Cafe SCH4 / DH3 Wearin' o' the Green Hash 2007/03/17 (Sat) Monroe
450 No Kroger None 2006/12/23 (Sat) Madeira
448 No Hertz Rent-A-Car Xmas Hash 2006/12/09 (Sat) Cincinnati
446 No Kroger None 2006/11/11 (Sat) Blue Ash
443 Yes Ross Park None 2006/10/19 (Thu) Saint Bernard
437 Yes Westwood High School (Elementary?) None 2006/09/21 (Thu) Cincinnati
436 No General James Taylor Park SCH4 11th Analversary / 3rd Anal Talk Like a Pirate Hash 2006/09/16 (Sat) Newport
432 No Deer Park Inn Toga Hash 2006/08/19 (Sat) Cincinnati
422 No 4th & Plum parkiing lot Best Blow and Yabba Dabba "I Do" Me Wedding Hash 2006/06/24 (Sat) Cincinnati
410 No Dunore Park April Fools Day Hash 2006/04/01 (Sat) Cincinnati
406 No Home Depot None 2006/03/04 (Sat) Mason
398 No Sharonville Municipal Parking Xmas Hash 2005 2005/12/10 (Sat) Cincinnati
397 Yes Jefferson and Cooper None 2005/12/08 (Thu) Cincinnati
396 No Providence Way Park Turkey Day Hash 2005/11/26 (Sat) Newport
390 Yes Mainstrasse None 2005/10/20 (Thu) Covington
389 No Rhythm & Blues Cafe 11th Anal SCH4 / DH3 Red Dress Hash 2005/10/15 (Sat) Cincinnati
386 No Longworth Hall The 2nd Anal SCH4 Talk Like A Pirate Hash 2005/09/17 (Sat) Cincinnati
379 No Parking Lot [Approximate location] The Auf Wiedersehen Hash 2005/08/20 (Sat) Loveland
374 Yes (Hartwell United Methodist) Church Lot None 2005/07/21 (Thu) Cincinnati
369 No PMS's House Mount Me & Fecal Wedding Hash 2005/05/28 (Sat) Fort Thomas
368 Yes Roselawn Park None 2005/05/19 (Thu) Cincinnati
362 No Tickets Sports Bar Fools Hash 2005/04/01 (Fri) Covington
351 No Highland Hills Park Xmas Hash 2004/12/11 (Sat) Fort Thomas
349 No VFW Manifest Destiny Thanksgiving Hash 2004/11/27 (Sat) Southgate
340 No Bellevue Veterans Club The 1st (Potentially Anal) SCH4 Pirate and 9th Analversary Hash 2004/09/18 (Sat) Bellevue
331 No B-List Tavern Toga Hash 2004/07/24 (Sat) Bellevue
324 Yes Deer Park Inn None 2004/05/20 (Thu) Cincinnati
320 Yes Stanbery Park None 2004/04/15 (Thu) Cincinnati
318 No The Hotub Store April Fools Day Hash 2004/04/01 (Thu) Cincinnati
314 No Western Hills High School None 2004/03/06 (Sat) Cincinnati
312 Yes Norwood North School None 2004/02/19 (Thu) Cincinnati
311 No Burnet Woods VD Hash 2004/02/07 (Sat) Cincinnati
305 No The Monastery Parking Lot Xmas Hash 2003/12/13 (Sat) Cincinnati
304 No Tickets Sports Bar None 2003/12/10 (Wed) Covington
302.15 No Brew House TGIF Hash 2003/11/21 (Fri) Cincinnati
302 Yes Hartwell Community Center None 2003/11/20 (Thu) Cincinnati
296 No Head First Cafe 9th Anal SCH4 / DH3 Red Dress Hash 2003/09/20 (Sat) Cincinnati
295 Yes Got Crabs' House [location: not yet] None 2003/09/18 (Thu) Western Hills
288 Yes Hoffner Park None 2003/07/17 (Thu) Cincinnati
284 No Withrow High School Preppy Hash 2003/06/14 (Sat) Cincinnati
280 No Statue of Cincinnatus Flying Pig Hash 2003/05/04 (Sun) Cincinnati
276.9 No Madeira Crossing All Fool's Day Hash 2003/04/01 (Tue) Madeira
266 No Head First Cafe Slumber Party / Pajama Hash 2002/12/28 (Sat) Cincinnati
265 No Plum St. Cafe Xmas Hash 2002/12/14 (Sat) Cincinnati
257 Yes Quiet Park [Location: not yet] None 2002/10/17 (Thu) Reading
238 No Lake Isabella Park Sucks But Doesn't Swallow and Poo Packer Wedding Hash 2002/06/01 (Sat) Loveland
217 No Kroger @ Mulberry Square in Milford Turkey Trot 2001/11/17 (Sat) Milford
208 No Bruce's Canoe Livery Splish Splash Hash 2001/08/25 (Sat) Loveland
165 No Office Max (Eastgate) None 2000/08/12 (Sat) Cincinnati