The List of Hashes

The hashes Yabba Dabba Do Me has done

Hash Number Hyper Location Description Date City
620 No Park Parking Lot near Shepherd & Colerain None 2010/04/10 (Sat) Cincinnati
618 No Indian Hill Swim Club 10th Anal Beach Party Hash 2010/03/27 (Sat) Madeira
607 No Gourmet & Dick The Phone House New Years Eve Hash 2009/12/31 (Thu) Beckett Ridge
592 No Greyhound Bus Station Talk Like A Pirate Hash 2009/09/19 (Sat) Cincinnati
565 No Schmidt Landing 9th Anal Beach Party Hash 2009/04/11 (Sat) Cincinnati
549 No Monk's Cove None 2008/12/06 (Sat) Cincinnati
536 No Greyhound Bus Station Talk Like A Pirate Hash 2008/09/19 (Fri) Cincinnati
478 No Morgan's Canoe Rental Campout 2007/08/04 (Sat) Brookville
474 No Bechtold Park Cookout Hash 2007/07/21 (Sat) Cincinnati
460 No Meijer's April Fools Day Eve Hash 2007/03/31 (Sat) Cincinnati
447 No Home Depot Really Old Farts Hash 2006/11/25 (Sat) Cincinnati
436 No General James Taylor Park SCH4 11th Analversary / 3rd Anal Talk Like a Pirate Hash 2006/09/16 (Sat) Newport
422 No 4th & Plum parkiing lot Best Blow and Yabba Dabba "I Do" Me Wedding Hash 2006/06/24 (Sat) Cincinnati
413 No Alms Park None 2006/04/29 (Sat) Cincinnati
391.110952 No Copperfield Clubhouse Fudge Tracker Memorial Hash 2005/11/09 (Wed) Cincinnati
391 No Municipal Parking Lot Halloweenie Hash 2005/10/29 (Sat) Cincinnati
389 No Rhythm & Blues Cafe 11th Anal SCH4 / DH3 Red Dress Hash 2005/10/15 (Sat) Cincinnati
386 No Longworth Hall The 2nd Anal SCH4 Talk Like A Pirate Hash 2005/09/17 (Sat) Cincinnati
307 No Fourth & Plum Parking Lot 2004 New Years Eve Hash 2003/12/31 (Wed) Cincinnati
265 No Plum St. Cafe Xmas Hash 2002/12/14 (Sat) Cincinnati