The List of Hashes

The hashes Two Pricks and A Pussy has done

Hash Number Hyper Location Description Date City
302 Yes Hartwell Community Center None 2003/11/20 (Thu) Cincinnati
298 Yes Parking lot [location: not yet] None 2003/10/16 (Thu) Newport
292 Yes O'Malley's in the Alley None 2003/08/21 (Thu) Cincinnati
291 No Old Hardees Wouldn't You Like To Be In Joy / Pinocchio Fucks Chickens Wedding Hash 2003/08/09 (Sat) Cincinnati
290 No Southern Ohio College Gispert Memorial Hash 2003/07/31 (Thu) Lakeside Park
289 No Northern Kentucky University Highland Heights Hash House Harriers & Harriettes, aka H6 2003/07/26 (Sat) Newport
288 Yes Hoffner Park None 2003/07/17 (Thu) Cincinnati
285 Yes Public Parking Lot None 2003/06/19 (Thu) Covington
282 No Ziegler Park Old Farts Hash 2003/05/17 (Sat) Cincinnati
281 Yes City Park [location: not yet] None 2003/05/15 (Thu) Lockland
280 No Statue of Cincinnatus Flying Pig Hash 2003/05/04 (Sun) Cincinnati
278 Yes Robert W. Short Park None 2003/04/17 (Thu) Cincinnati
276.9 No Madeira Crossing All Fool's Day Hash 2003/04/01 (Tue) Madeira