The List of Hashes

The hashes Dick Bling has done

Hash Number Hyper Location Description Date City
497 Yes Happy Hollow Inn None 2007/12/20 (Thu) Cincinnati
484 No General James Taylor Park Talk Like A Pirate Hash 2007/09/19 (Wed) Newport
464 No Park on Foote Ave Flying Pig Hash 2007/05/06 (Sun) Bellevue
444 No Horace Mann School Halloween Costume Hash 2006/10/28 (Sat) Dayton
442 No Sharks & Shooters 3rd Anal 7 Hills Hash-A-Thon - Leg3 2006/10/14 (Sat) Cincinnati
441 No Triple Creek Park 3rd Anal 7 Hills Hash-A-Thon - Leg2 2006/10/14 (Sat) Cincinnati
439 No Ault Park 7th Anal Reggae Run Hash 2006/10/07 (Sat) Cincinnati
436 No General James Taylor Park SCH4 11th Analversary / 3rd Anal Talk Like a Pirate Hash 2006/09/16 (Sat) Newport
435 No Campbell County Courthouse Party at the Point Hash 2006/09/06 (Wed) Newport
434 No Planes Moving [Approximate location] Bad Boyz Hash III 2006/09/02 (Sat)
433 No Limbo's DH3 / SCH4 Red Dress Hash 2006/08/26 (Sat) Dayton
432 No Deer Park Inn Toga Hash 2006/08/19 (Sat) Cincinnati
431 Yes Grande Central Station None 2006/08/17 (Thu) Norwood