The List of Hashes

The hashes Pumps The Plastic Pussy has done

Hash Number Hyper Location Description Date City
778 Yes Goodtimers None 2013/02/21 (Thu) Covington
683 No Clepper Park Red White & Blue Hash 2011/07/02 (Sat) Cincinnati
519 No Riverboat Row PitP Hash 2008/06/18 (Wed) Newport
471 No PMS's Office [location: not yet] None 2007/06/23 (Sat) Fort Thomas
469 No Rookwood Pottery PitP Hash 2007/06/20 (Wed) Cincinnati
468 No 4th & Plum Parking Lot Analversary Wedding Hash 2007/06/09 (Sat) Cincinnati
466 Yes Sharon Woods None 2007/05/17 (Thu) Sharonville
460 No Meijer's April Fools Day Eve Hash 2007/03/31 (Sat) Cincinnati
458 Yes Burnet Woods None 2007/03/15 (Thu) Cincinnati
457 No College Football Hall of Fame None 2007/03/03 (Sat) Mason
456 No Longworth Hall Anal's 11th Analversary 2007/02/17 (Sat) Cincinnati
455 Yes Madison Park None 2007/02/15 (Thu) Cincinnati