The List of Hashes

The hashes Wet Spot has done

Hash Number Hyper Location Description Date City
1168 No Timbercrest RV Park OHIH 2019 Saturday 2019/08/24 (Sat) Walnut Creek
561 No Casey Ds SCH4 / DH3 Wearin' o' the Green Hash 2009/03/14 (Sat) Cincinnati
539 No Ault Park Reggae Run Hash 2008/10/04 (Sat) Cincinnati
532 No Main Strasse [location approximate] None 2008/08/30 (Sat) Covington
530 No Short Park None 2008/08/16 (Sat) Cincinnati
529 No Save A Lot Camp Out Hangover Hash 2008/08/03 (Sun) Lebanon
528 No Morgans Canoe Livery Camp Out Canoe Hash 2008/08/02 (Sat) Oregonia
522 No Walmart None 2008/07/05 (Sat) Milford
518 No JerZees Pub & Grub Changing of the Guard 2008/06/07 (Sat) Newport
508 No Lake Isabella 8th Anal Beach Party Hash 2008/03/29 (Sat) Loveland
506 No Greenie's Indoor Golf Wearin' o' the Green Hash 2008/03/15 (Sat) Milford
503 No Krogers None 2008/02/16 (Sat) Montgomery