The List of Hashes

The hashes Shaving Ryan's Privates has done

Hash Number Hyper Location Description Date City
1299 No Florence Shorty’s Sugartit pub 2022/08/13 (Sat) Florence
1298 No Gispert’s Birthday 2022/07/31 (Sun) Norwood
1297 No 4th and Plum Casa de Slut 2022/07/30 (Sat) Cincinnati
1294 No 4th and Plum Hot Tubs Pool Party 2022/07/09 (Sat) Cincinnati
1293 No Parker woods 2022/06/18 (Sat) Cincinnati
1292 Yes Chase elementary Chase elementary 2022/06/16 (Thu) Cincinnati
1291 No Waterworks waterworks trail with tunnel 2022/06/04 (Sat) Newport
1290 No Glendale Wet n Ready 2022/05/21 (Sat) Glendale
1286 No Ghost Bar Ghost Bar 2022/04/23 (Sat) Cincinnati
1285 Yes Dogwood park hyper 2022/04/21 (Thu) Mariemont
1283 No Bob Meyer Park April Fool's 2022/04/01 (Fri) Cincinnati
1281 Yes Upper Millcrest Park March Hyper 2022/03/17 (Thu) Norwood
1280 No Middletown Green Dress Hash 2022/03/12 (Sat) Middletown
1279 No Start at Gorman park Tour of old beer barons homes 2022/02/26 (Sat) Cincinnati
1278 Yes Mason part of Tour dud Hash Hyper Hash 2022/02/17 (Thu) Mason
1277 No Chamberlain Park - Springdale Prestupor Bowl Hash 2022/02/12 (Sat) Springdale
1276 No Crowley's pub crawl!!!! 2022/01/29 (Sat) Cincinnati
1275 Yes Wiedemann’s Fine Beer, Brewery & Pub Hyper Hash - Weidemann's 2022/01/20 (Thu) Cincinnati
1274 No Bellevue KY Spoiled Meat's Shit Show Hash 2022/01/15 (Sat) Bellevue
1273 No Sharon Woods New Years Day - Celebration! Welcome 2022 2022/01/01 (Sat)
1272 No Ault Park Funyun's Wet, Creamy, and Delicious Adventure 2021/12/18 (Sat)
1269 No Taft's Brewporium Onesie Hash 2021/12/04 (Sat) Cincinnati
1268 No Leonard g Howell park shigfest 2021/11/20 (Sat) Oxford
1267 No Next to Rosie's Tavern Tailgate Hash w Porkolotopus 2021/11/07 (Sun) Covington
1266 No Vorhees Park - Reading Ohio Spoiled Herpes take over Reading 2021/11/06 (Sat)
1264 No Milford Industrial Park Herpe's Shiggy 2021/10/23 (Sat) Milford
1262 No Linwood Park cock's spoiled meat 2021/10/09 (Sat) Cincinnati
1261 No Springboro, OH Anal Red Dress Run 2021/10/02 (Sat) Springboro
1260 No Sargeant park Pinky/Mandy wedding hash 2021/09/25 (Sat) Dayton
1259 No Friendship Park Pirate Hash 2021/09/19 (Sun) Cincinnati
1258 Yes Vorhees Park Reading Hyper hash - Reading 2021/09/16 (Thu) Reading
1256 No green hills community center skinny slut trail 2021/09/11 (Sat) Cincinnati
1255 No Wright Summit Chairman Memorial Hash 2021/09/02 (Thu) Fort Wright
1254 No Woodlawn Kroger Twauto's Spoiled Meat 2021/08/28 (Sat) Cincinnati
1253 No Symmes Park Hyper Hash - August 2021/08/19 (Thu) Loveland
1249 No Winton Woods Gispert Bday Hash 2021/07/31 (Sat) Cincinnati
1248 No Ziegler Park Hot Tub's Herpes 2021/07/17 (Sat) Cincinnati
1245 No Casa de No Funyun Funyun's Ascot - Tornado disater trail 2021/06/19 (Sat) Mason
1244 Yes Stone Shelter - Devou Park Hyper Hash - Devou Park 2021/06/10 (Thu) Covington
1243 No 4th and Plum Hot Tubs Gonna Beat It Birthday Bash 2021/06/05 (Sat) Cincinnati
1242 No Burnet Woods Harambe Memorial Hash 2021/05/28 (Fri) Cincinnati
1241 No Reading Ohio The virgin hares 2021/05/22 (Sat) Cincinnati
1240 Yes Kappa Grabba Cock's House Hyper Hash - Casa de Kappa 2021/05/13 (Thu) Cincinnati
1239 No Wyoming Sluts Birthday Hash 2021/05/08 (Sat) Wyoming
1238 No Bellvue Hell-view in Bellvue 2021/04/24 (Sat) Bellevue
1237 Yes Mt Storm Park Hyper Hash - Mt Storm Park 2021/04/15 (Thu) Cincinnati
1236 No Tower Park - Ft Thomas Rainy Bullshit 2021/04/10 (Sat) Fort Thomas
1235 No The Wood Bar April Fool's Hash 2021/04/01 (Thu) Norwood
1234 No Blue ash sports complex Shavings Broke Dick 2021/03/27 (Sat) Cincinnati
1233 Yes Best Blow's Best Blow's - hyper 2021/03/18 (Thu) Cincinnati
1232 No Sharon Woods Park SCH4/DH3 Anal Running of the Green Dresses 2021/03/13 (Sat) Sharonville
1231 No linden grove cemetery Elephant shitshow 2021/02/27 (Sat) Covington
1230 Yes Backyard Bar Reading Hyper 2021/02/18 (Thu) Cincinnati
1229 No Carthage Carthage Snow Bend 2021/02/13 (Sat) Cincinnati
1228 No Community First Pharmacy Gispert Memorial 2021/02/11 (Thu) Middletown
1227 No Lagoon Saloon Dick and cock's afternoon delight 2021/01/30 (Sat) Ludlow
1226 Yes Casa de No Funyun Hyper Hash - Casa de No Funyun 2021/01/21 (Thu) Mason
1225 No covington Vesperates Tight Ass 2021/01/16 (Sat) Covington
1224 No Intelligent Office Complex FU 2020 New Year Hash 2021/01/02 (Sat) Cincinnati
1223 No Fernbank Park Beat it needs a Hot Tub Hash 2020/12/19 (Sat) Cincinnati
1222 Yes 4th & plum apartments - hot tubs Hyper Hash - December 2020/12/17 (Thu) Cincinnati
12221 No French Park 21st amendment hash 2020/12/05 (Sat) Cincinnati
1220 No Deer Park Tavern The Herpe Family Hash 2020/11/07 (Sat) Cincinnati
1219 No Grove Park, Wyoming Dreams of Hot Tub Hash 2020/10/24 (Sat) Cincinnati
1218 Yes Dreams of Goo's house Hyper Hash - West End 2020/10/15 (Thu) Cincinnati
1217 No Burnet Woods Flying Pig Hash 2020/10/10 (Sat) Cincinnati
1216 No Miami Bluffs Hash-a-Thong 2020/09/26 (Sat)
1215 No Landen Deerfield Park Hash-a-Thong 2020/09/26 (Sat) Maineville
1214 No Landen Deerfield Park Hash-a-Thong 2020/09/26 (Sat) Maineville
1213 No Sundin Fields at Heritage Oak Park Talk Like a Pirate Hash 2020/09/19 (Sat) Mason
1212 Yes Mt. Airy Forest Hyper Hash - Mt. Airy Forest 2020/09/17 (Thu) Cincinnati
1210 Yes Ault Park Hyper Hash - Ault Park 2020/08/20 (Thu) Cincinnati
1208 No forest groove memorial park Hottub of dreams hash 2020/08/01 (Sat) Cincinnati
1207 No Keehner Park West Chester Gisperts Birthday 2020/07/31 (Fri)
1206 No Pi and H&R's place Y = HR Hash 2020/07/18 (Sat) Cincinnati
1205 Yes Parking lot by backdoor saloon Hyper Hash - Winton Woods 2020/07/16 (Thu) Cincinnati
1204 No Home of the Brave Park Independence Day 2020/07/04 (Sat) Loveland
1202 Yes Loveland bike path covid hash 2020/06/18 (Thu) Loveland
1201 No Greendale Indiana covid hash 2020/06/06 (Sat) Greendale
1194 No Cyberspace Covid 19 Virtual Trail 2020/03/28 (Sat)
1192 No Dive Bar Short Vine Short Vine Bockfest Hash 2020/02/29 (Sat) Cincinnati
1191 Yes Ribbed's House February Hyper at Ribbed's 2020/02/20 (Thu) Fairfield
1190 No perfect north Tubing Hash 2020/02/15 (Sat) Lawrenceburg
1189 No Brew House Blizzard Hash of 2015: Part 2 2020/02/01 (Sat) Cincinnati
1188 No Murphy's Clifton Rain Hash 2020/01/18 (Sat) Cincinnati
1187 Yes Hot tub's hyper 2020/01/16 (Thu) Cincinnati
1186 No Bravo Casino in Union Center Rainy Hash 2020/01/04 (Sat)
1185 No 4th and Plum NYE at Slut's 2019/12/31 (Tue) Cincinnati
1184 No Slut's place White Elephant - Gift exchange 2019/12/21 (Sat) Cincinnati
1182 No Owl's Nest Park Salty CIAB Hash 2019/12/07 (Sat) Cincinnati
1180 Yes Digg's Bar and Grill Digg's Bar and Grill Hyper! 2019/11/21 (Thu) Mason
1179 No Madeira Kroger Madeira Kroger Hash 2019/11/09 (Sat) Madeira
1178 No White Oak Marathon White Oak Gas Station Hash 2019/10/26 (Sat) Cincinnati
1177 Yes o'Neal's hyper 2019/10/17 (Thu) Cincinnati
1176 No Crestview Hills Mall Queen Bee Hash 2019/10/12 (Sat) Crestview Hills
1174 No Covered Bridge Park Hashathon Leg 2 2019/09/28 (Sat) Florence
1173 No Stringtown Park Hashathon Leg 1 2019/09/28 (Sat) Florence
1171 No French Park Return to Falling Trees Hash 2019/09/14 (Sat) Cincinnati
1167 No kelley nature preserve Loveland Rain Jungle Hash 2019/08/17 (Sat) Loveland
1165 No Tower Park Snatch and Sea Cunt invade KY 2019/08/03 (Sat) Fort Thomas
1164 No Reading Municipal Pool Gispert Birthday 2019/07/31 (Wed) Reading
1163 No The Canoe Place Fat Boy Hash 2019/07/28 (Sun) Brookville
1162 No The Canoe Place Shooting Star Hash 2019/07/27 (Sat) Brookville
1161 No The Canoe Place Canoe Hash 2019/07/27 (Sat) Brookville
1160 No canoe place beer camp Friday night 2019/07/26 (Fri) Brookville
1159 No Home of the Brave Park, Loveland The Herpes Noodle Heatwave Hash 2019/07/20 (Sat) Loveland
1158 Yes Phil's lounge Phil's hyper 2019/07/18 (Thu) Cincinnati
1156 No Short Park Newtown Short Park Hash 2019/06/22 (Sat) Newtown
1155 Yes B Roll hyper 2019/06/20 (Thu) Bellevue
1154 No Northside Chase School Gay Pride Hash 2019/06/08 (Sat) Cincinnati
1153 No Dulle Park Herpe's Montgomery Summer Blast 2019/05/25 (Sat) Cincinnati
1151 No Parker Woods Montessori Northside Wilderness Hash 2019/05/11 (Sat) Cincinnati
1150 No Bellevue Eagles Flying Pig Hash 2019/05/05 (Sun) Bellevue
1149 No Wood Bar Beat It's 402nd 2019/04/27 (Sat) Norwood
1148 Yes flying pig Irish pub April hyper hash 2019/04/18 (Thu) Cincinnati
1147 No Sammy's Craft Beers and Burgers It's Pinky's Pleasure Shaving Ryan's Privates 2019/04/13 (Sat) Cincinnati
1144 Yes Deer Park Tavern March Hyper Hash 2019/03/21 (Thu) Cincinnati
1143 No Happy Hollow Inn Green Dress 2019/03/16 (Sat) Cincinnati
1142 No 3 point brewery Bockfest 2019/03/02 (Sat) Cincinnati
1141 Yes St Bernard Pub February Hyper 2019/02/21 (Thu) Cincinnati
1140 No Sorta behind Red Lobster weekend hash 2019/02/16 (Sat) Cincinnati
1138 No Herpe's Superb Owl Hash 2019/02/03 (Sun) Loveland
1137 No Next to the Pepper Pod Groundhog Day Hash 2019/02/02 (Sat) Newport
1135 Yes wood bar hyper 2019/01/17 (Thu) Norwood
1134 No Voice of America Park weekend hash 2019/01/05 (Sat)
1133 No Case de Half a Finger New Year's Eve Hash 2018/12/31 (Mon) Cincinnati
1132 No Crack's Place White Elephant Hash 2018/12/22 (Sat) Park Hills
1129 No H&R and Y's and Dozer's 21st Amendment Hash 2018/12/05 (Wed) Glendale
1126 No Friendship park Jarhead hash 2018/11/10 (Sat) Cold Spring
1118 No Mirror Lake, Eden Park Talk Like a Pirate Haah 2018/09/19 (Wed) Cincinnati
1117 No Cheviot Field House Park 1st leg of 2018 Tour duh Hash 2018/09/15 (Sat) Cincinnati
1115 No Carter Park in Kings Mill The No Funyon Shaving Ryan's Privates Hash 2018/09/01 (Sat) Kings Mills
1111 Yes Cloverleaf Pub Hyper! 2018/08/16 (Thu) Cincinnati
1106 No Al's Bar Sharonville Gispert Hash 2018/07/31 (Tue) Cincinnati
1105 No Another Bar & Grille Canoe Rain Hash 2018/07/21 (Sat) Cleves
1103 No Stanbery Park Weekend Hash 2018/07/07 (Sat) Cincinnati
1102 No Monk's Cove Gay Pride Hash 2018/06/23 (Sat) Cincinnati
1101 Yes Bramble Patch Hyper 2018/06/21 (Thu) Cincinnati
1100 No Oakley Playground 1100th and Scrum Butternuts Wedding 2018/06/09 (Sat) Cincinnati
1099 No Shaving's House SHITE Hash 2018/05/26 (Sat) Amelia
1097 No McFarlan Woods, Mt. Airy Forest Chairman of the Whore Hash 2018/05/12 (Sat) Cincinnati
1096 No Bellevue Eagles Flying Pig and 4G 600 2018/05/06 (Sun) Bellevue
1089 No Goebel Park Green Dress Run 2018/03/17 (Sat) Covington
1088 No Hot Tub's Una and Y's 500th 2018/03/03 (Sat) Cincinnati
1087 No 810 Wright's Summit Parkway Elephant & Crack Whore Analversary 2018/02/17 (Sat) Fort Wright
1085 No Owl's Nest Park Gispert Memorial Hash 2018/02/11 (Sun) Cincinnati
1084 No 4th & Plum Stuporbowl Hash 2018/02/04 (Sun) Cincinnati
1083 No Logo's Sports Bar Weekend Hash 2018/02/03 (Sat) Cincinnati
1082 No Hooligan's Pub & Eatery Weekend hash 2018/01/20 (Sat) Cincinnati
1081 Yes Chicken in the Run Hyper (Funyons First) 2018/01/18 (Thu) Cincinnati
1080 No Captain D's in Norwood Weekend Hash 2018/01/06 (Sat) Cincinnati
1079 No 810 Wright Summit White Elephant X-Mas Hash 2017/12/23 (Sat) Fort Wright
1078 Yes Animations in Oakley Hyper Hash 2017/12/21 (Thu) Cincinnati
1076 No Case de H&R Cock and Y=PI 21st Amendment Hash (Joint with Dayton) 2017/12/05 (Tue) Glendale
1073 No Hueston Woods Fall Shigfest 2017 2017/11/11 (Sat) College Corner
1071 No Centennial Parking in Reading Rocky Horror and Banker's 100th 2017/10/28 (Sat) Cincinnati
1070 Yes H&R and Pi's Golden's 601st! And Hyper! 2017/10/19 (Thu) Glendale
1069 No Drees Pavilion, Devou Park None 2017/10/14 (Sat) Covington
1064 No Longworth Hall Talk Like a Pirate Hash 2017/09/19 (Tue) Cincinnati
1059 No El Coyote Restaurant Sports Bra Hash 2017/08/19 (Sat) Edgewood
1052 No Deer Park Tavern Gispert Hash 2017/07/31 (Mon) Cincinnati
1041 Yes Back Door Saloon May Hyper 2017/05/18 (Thu) Cincinnati
1038 No Mariemont Public Parking Lot None 2017/04/29 (Sat) Cincinnati
1037 Yes Mulligan's Pub SCH4 Hyper Hash 4/20 2017/04/20 (Thu) Covington
1036 No Ft Thomas Swim Club 4th Chairman of the Whore Hash 2017/04/15 (Sat) Fort Thomas
1035 No Upper Millcrest Park April Fools and Scrum's 197th 2017/04/01 (Sat) Cincinnati
1024 No Northside Yacht Club Moose's 200th (ish) 2017/01/07 (Sat) Cincinnati
1017 No Morgan Canoe Livery Fall Shigfest! 2016/11/12 (Sat) Oregonia
1006 No Baxter Park Cool Runnings Hash 2016/08/20 (Sat) Cincinnati
1000 No Upper Millcreast Park Aka #967 2016/07/23 (Sat) Cincinnati
917 Yes Arlin's Hyper 2015/08/20 (Thu) Cincinnati
765 No Brew Haus None 2012/11/17 (Sat) Cincinnati
764 Yes Bavarian Brewing Company None 2012/11/15 (Thu) Covington
679 No Superbowl Bellwood Lanes Bowling Hash 2011/05/21 (Sat) Newport
630 No Coy Field Park Red, White & Blue Hash 2010/07/03 (Sat) Cincinnati
544 Yes Rapid Run Park None 2008/10/16 (Thu) Cincinnati
539 No Ault Park Reggae Run Hash 2008/10/04 (Sat) Cincinnati
524 No K-Mart Annual Cookout Hash 2008/07/19 (Sat) Cincinnati