The List of Hashes

The hashes Missionary Impossible (DH3) has done

Hash Number Hyper Location Description Date City
1241 No Reading Ohio The virgin hares 2021/05/22 (Sat) Cincinnati
1220 No Deer Park Tavern The Herpe Family Hash 2020/11/07 (Sat) Cincinnati
1218 Yes Dreams of Goo's house Hyper Hash - West End 2020/10/15 (Thu) Cincinnati
1217 No Burnet Woods Flying Pig Hash 2020/10/10 (Sat) Cincinnati
1216 No Miami Bluffs Hash-a-Thong 2020/09/26 (Sat)
1215 No Landen Deerfield Park Hash-a-Thong 2020/09/26 (Sat) Maineville
1214 No Landen Deerfield Park Hash-a-Thong 2020/09/26 (Sat) Maineville
1211 No Burnet Woods Joint SCH4/DH3 Red Dress Run 2020/08/29 (Sat) Cincinnati
1207 No Keehner Park West Chester Gisperts Birthday 2020/07/31 (Fri)
1202 Yes Loveland bike path covid hash 2020/06/18 (Thu) Loveland
1200 No online covid hash 2020/05/23 (Sat) Cincinnati
1196 No Cincinnati Virtual Thursday Hash 2020/04/16 (Thu) Cincinnati
1195 No Virtual Cyberspace Rona Shocker Hash 2020/04/11 (Sat) Cincinnati
1174 No Covered Bridge Park Hashathon Leg 2 2019/09/28 (Sat) Florence
1173 No Stringtown Park Hashathon Leg 1 2019/09/28 (Sat) Florence
1170 No State Farm Park Red Dress 2019/09/07 (Sat) Kettering
1154 No Northside Chase School Gay Pride Hash 2019/06/08 (Sat) Cincinnati
1153 No Dulle Park Herpe's Montgomery Summer Blast 2019/05/25 (Sat) Cincinnati
1151 No Parker Woods Montessori Northside Wilderness Hash 2019/05/11 (Sat) Cincinnati
1150 No Bellevue Eagles Flying Pig Hash 2019/05/05 (Sun) Bellevue
1146 No Funyon's Sex Pad April Fools 2019/04/01 (Mon) Mason
1143 No Happy Hollow Inn Green Dress 2019/03/16 (Sat) Cincinnati
1141 Yes St Bernard Pub February Hyper 2019/02/21 (Thu) Cincinnati
1140 No Sorta behind Red Lobster weekend hash 2019/02/16 (Sat) Cincinnati
1139 No Quiet Park in Reading Gispert Memorial 2019/02/11 (Mon) Reading
1138 No Herpe's Superb Owl Hash 2019/02/03 (Sun) Loveland
1137 No Next to the Pepper Pod Groundhog Day Hash 2019/02/02 (Sat) Newport
1136 No Vorhees Park Rain and then Snow Hash 2019/01/19 (Sat) Reading
1135 Yes wood bar hyper 2019/01/17 (Thu) Norwood
1134 No Voice of America Park weekend hash 2019/01/05 (Sat)
1133 No Case de Half a Finger New Year's Eve Hash 2018/12/31 (Mon) Cincinnati
1132 No Crack's Place White Elephant Hash 2018/12/22 (Sat) Park Hills
1131 Yes Phil's Tavern Hairless December Trail 2018/12/20 (Thu) Cincinnati
1125 No Y and H&Rs Halloween hash/No funyun 100th 2018/10/27 (Sat) Cincinnati
1057 No Mack's Tavern Elephant Day Hash 2017/08/12 (Sat)
1056 No Brookville Beercamp Hangover Hash 2017/08/06 (Sun) Brookville
1055 No Brookville Beercamp Shooting Star 2017/08/05 (Sat) Brookville
1054 No Brookeville Beercamp Canoe Hash 2017/08/05 (Sat) Brookville
1053 No Brookville Beercamp Friday Night 2017/08/04 (Fri) Brookville
1036 No Ft Thomas Swim Club 4th Chairman of the Whore Hash 2017/04/15 (Sat) Fort Thomas
1034 No Murphy's Landing in Middletown Green Dress Run (DH3/SCH4) 2017/03/18 (Sat) Middletown
1029 No Rotary Park Gispert Memorial and VD Hash 2017/02/11 (Sat) Beavercreek
1006 No Baxter Park Cool Runnings Hash 2016/08/20 (Sat) Cincinnati
964 No Oak Camp Join SCH4/MH3 Hash 2016/06/25 (Sat)
962 No 500 E. Sycamore Millet Hall Gate 2 Parking None 2016/06/11 (Sat) Oxford
950 No Fairview Park Skyline and Subway Hash 2016/03/19 (Sat) Cincinnati
947 No Flanagan's Pub SCH4 #947 & Dayton H3 #1175 Wearing O the Green & Year in Review 2016/03/12 (Sat) Dayton
945 No Lucky Dog Bar and Grille Leap Day Hash 2016/02/29 (Mon) Mason
941 No Case De ING Stupor Bowl Hash 2016/02/07 (Sun) Cincinnati
930 No Caesar Creek Spillway Fall Shigfest and Shammy 100 2015/11/14 (Sat) Waynesville
922 No Dayton Beer Company Joint Red Dress 2015/09/18 (Fri) Dayton
920 No Woodfield Swim & Racket Club Labor Day hash 2015/09/07 (Mon) Maineville