The List of Hashes

The hashes Vonder Twat has done

Hash Number Hyper Location Description Date City
1039 No Fraternal Order of Eagles Hyper's 300th and Flying Pig Hash 2017/05/07 (Sun) Bellevue
1016 No 12020 Southwick Ln Dirty Thirty Hash + Four 2016/10/29 (Sat) Cincinnati
1014 No World Peace Bell World Peace Through Beer 2016/10/15 (Sat) Newport
1013 No Casa de Blue Balls Hashathon Event 3 2016/09/30 (Fri) Cincinnati
1012 No Camp Washington Hubbard Towing Hashathon Event 2 2016/09/30 (Fri) Cincinnati
1011 No Longworth Hall Hashathon Event 1 2016/09/30 (Fri) Cincinnati
1010 No Wood Bar Talk like a pirate hash 2016/09/19 (Mon) Norwood
1009 No Mr Pitifuls Red Dress Hash 2016/09/17 (Sat) Cincinnati
1008 No Wood Bar 21st aniversary hash 2016/09/15 (Thu) Norwood
1006 No Baxter Park Cool Runnings Hash 2016/08/20 (Sat) Cincinnati
1004 No Camp Graham None 2016/08/07 (Sun) Clarksville
1003 No Camp Graham Nash Hash (Ball Buster) 2016/08/06 (Sat) Clarksville
1002 No Camp Graham Nash Hash 2016/08/05 (Fri) Clarksville