The List of Hashes

The hashes Pinky Pleasure has done

Hash Number Hyper Location Description Date City
1277 No Chamberlain Park - Springdale Prestupor Bowl Hash 2022/02/12 (Sat) Springdale
1271 No End of 18th amendment - High Grain Brewing End of 18th amendment 2021/12/05 (Sun) Cincinnati
1269 No Taft's Brewporium Onesie Hash 2021/12/04 (Sat) Cincinnati
1267 No Next to Rosie's Tavern Tailgate Hash w Porkolotopus 2021/11/07 (Sun) Covington
1264 No Milford Industrial Park Herpe's Shiggy 2021/10/23 (Sat) Milford
1260 No Sargeant park Pinky/Mandy wedding hash 2021/09/25 (Sat) Dayton
1259 No Friendship Park Pirate Hash 2021/09/19 (Sun) Cincinnati
1248 No Ziegler Park Hot Tub's Herpes 2021/07/17 (Sat) Cincinnati
1245 No Casa de No Funyun Funyun's Ascot - Tornado disater trail 2021/06/19 (Sat) Mason
1243 No 4th and Plum Hot Tubs Gonna Beat It Birthday Bash 2021/06/05 (Sat) Cincinnati
1241 No Reading Ohio The virgin hares 2021/05/22 (Sat) Cincinnati
1238 No Bellvue Hell-view in Bellvue 2021/04/24 (Sat) Bellevue
1236 No Tower Park - Ft Thomas Rainy Bullshit 2021/04/10 (Sat) Fort Thomas
1234 No Blue ash sports complex Shavings Broke Dick 2021/03/27 (Sat) Cincinnati
1231 No linden grove cemetery Elephant shitshow 2021/02/27 (Sat) Covington
1227 No Lagoon Saloon Dick and cock's afternoon delight 2021/01/30 (Sat) Ludlow
1224 No Intelligent Office Complex FU 2020 New Year Hash 2021/01/02 (Sat) Cincinnati
1216 No Miami Bluffs Hash-a-Thong 2020/09/26 (Sat)
1215 No Landen Deerfield Park Hash-a-Thong 2020/09/26 (Sat) Maineville
1214 No Landen Deerfield Park Hash-a-Thong 2020/09/26 (Sat) Maineville
1206 No Pi and H&R's place Y = HR Hash 2020/07/18 (Sat) Cincinnati
1194 No Cyberspace Covid 19 Virtual Trail 2020/03/28 (Sat)
1192 No Dive Bar Short Vine Short Vine Bockfest Hash 2020/02/29 (Sat) Cincinnati
1188 No Murphy's Clifton Rain Hash 2020/01/18 (Sat) Cincinnati
1186 No Bravo Casino in Union Center Rainy Hash 2020/01/04 (Sat)
1182 No Owl's Nest Park Salty CIAB Hash 2019/12/07 (Sat) Cincinnati
1181 No Chipotle Sharon Woods Sasquatch Hash 2019/11/23 (Sat) Sharonville
1175 No Florence Freedom Baseball Field Hashathon Leg 3 2019/09/28 (Sat) Florence
1174 No Covered Bridge Park Hashathon Leg 2 2019/09/28 (Sat) Florence
1173 No Stringtown Park Hashathon Leg 1 2019/09/28 (Sat) Florence
1169 No Fairview Park Clifton Park Hash 2019/08/31 (Sat) Cincinnati
1167 No kelley nature preserve Loveland Rain Jungle Hash 2019/08/17 (Sat) Loveland
1165 No Tower Park Snatch and Sea Cunt invade KY 2019/08/03 (Sat) Fort Thomas
1155 Yes B Roll hyper 2019/06/20 (Thu) Bellevue
1151 No Parker Woods Montessori Northside Wilderness Hash 2019/05/11 (Sat) Cincinnati
1147 No Sammy's Craft Beers and Burgers It's Pinky's Pleasure Shaving Ryan's Privates 2019/04/13 (Sat) Cincinnati
1143 No Happy Hollow Inn Green Dress 2019/03/16 (Sat) Cincinnati
1141 Yes St Bernard Pub February Hyper 2019/02/21 (Thu) Cincinnati
1137 No Next to the Pepper Pod Groundhog Day Hash 2019/02/02 (Sat) Newport
1135 Yes wood bar hyper 2019/01/17 (Thu) Norwood
1133 No Case de Half a Finger New Year's Eve Hash 2018/12/31 (Mon) Cincinnati
1132 No Crack's Place White Elephant Hash 2018/12/22 (Sat) Park Hills
1120 No 4th & plum apartments hottub's place Red dress run 2018/09/29 (Sat) Cincinnati
1105 No Another Bar & Grille Canoe Rain Hash 2018/07/21 (Sat) Cleves
1102 No Monk's Cove Gay Pride Hash 2018/06/23 (Sat) Cincinnati
1100 No Oakley Playground 1100th and Scrum Butternuts Wedding 2018/06/09 (Sat) Cincinnati
1099 No Shaving's House SHITE Hash 2018/05/26 (Sat) Amelia
1097 No McFarlan Woods, Mt. Airy Forest Chairman of the Whore Hash 2018/05/12 (Sat) Cincinnati
1096 No Bellevue Eagles Flying Pig and 4G 600 2018/05/06 (Sun) Bellevue
1095 No Decoursey Park The Elephant Snatch Hash 2018/04/28 (Sat) Covington
1091 No Bottle Lounge Pre-Easter Hash 2018/03/31 (Sat) Cincinnati
1089 No Goebel Park Green Dress Run 2018/03/17 (Sat) Covington
1088 No Hot Tub's Una and Y's 500th 2018/03/03 (Sat) Cincinnati
1083 No Logo's Sports Bar Weekend Hash 2018/02/03 (Sat) Cincinnati
1082 No Hooligan's Pub & Eatery Weekend hash 2018/01/20 (Sat) Cincinnati
1080 No Captain D's in Norwood Weekend Hash 2018/01/06 (Sat) Cincinnati
1077 No Jack Casino Santacon Hash and Bar Crawl 2017/12/09 (Sat) Cincinnati
1076 No Case de H&R Cock and Y=PI 21st Amendment Hash (Joint with Dayton) 2017/12/05 (Tue) Glendale
1072 No Veterans of Foreign Wars, Park Hills Jarhead Hash 2017 2017/11/10 (Fri) Park Hills
1071 No Centennial Parking in Reading Rocky Horror and Banker's 100th 2017/10/28 (Sat) Cincinnati
1070 Yes H&R and Pi's Golden's 601st! And Hyper! 2017/10/19 (Thu) Glendale
1069 No Drees Pavilion, Devou Park None 2017/10/14 (Sat) Covington
1068 No Pioneer Park Hashathon 2017 (3 of 3) 2017/09/30 (Sat) Covington
1067 No Pioneer Park Hashathon 2017 (2 of 3) 2017/09/30 (Sat) Covington
1066 No Pioneer Park Hashathon 2017 (1 of 3) 2017/09/30 (Sat) Covington
1064 No Longworth Hall Talk Like a Pirate Hash 2017/09/19 (Tue) Cincinnati
1060 No One More Time Mt Healthy Be Healthy Event 2017/09/02 (Sat) Cincinnati
1056 No Brookville Beercamp Hangover Hash 2017/08/06 (Sun) Brookville
1055 No Brookville Beercamp Shooting Star 2017/08/05 (Sat) Brookville
1054 No Brookeville Beercamp Canoe Hash 2017/08/05 (Sat) Brookville
1053 No Brookville Beercamp Friday Night 2017/08/04 (Fri) Brookville
1052 No Deer Park Tavern Gispert Hash 2017/07/31 (Mon) Cincinnati
1049 No Jimmy Buffet Tailgate Hash Serving Seamen's 104th! 2017/07/08 (Sat) Cincinnati
1048 No Ribbed's Work Building First Anal Sacrificing of the Virgins Hash 2017/06/24 (Sat) Cincinnati
1046 No Renaissance Festival Grounds OHIH Sunday Morning Trail 2017/06/11 (Sun) Waynesville
1045 No Renaissance Festival Grounds OHIH Saturday Night Trail 2017/06/10 (Sat) Waynesville
1044 No Renaissance Festival Grounds OHIH Saturday Day Trail 2017/06/10 (Sat) Waynesville
1043 No Renaissance Festival Grounds OHIH Friday Night Trail 2017/06/09 (Fri) Waynesville
1042 No Lunken Playfield Star Trek Hash IV: The Voyage (to Shammy's) Home 2017/05/27 (Sat) Cincinnati
1040 No Blue Ash Nature Park The Great Mystery Hash of 2017 2017/05/13 (Sat) Blue Ash
1038 No Mariemont Public Parking Lot None 2017/04/29 (Sat) Cincinnati
1036 No Ft Thomas Swim Club 4th Chairman of the Whore Hash 2017/04/15 (Sat) Fort Thomas
1035 No Upper Millcrest Park April Fools and Scrum's 197th 2017/04/01 (Sat) Cincinnati
1032 No Grant Playground OTR Bockfest Hash 2017/03/04 (Sat) Cincinnati
1031 No Back Door Saloon Ribbed's 100 2017/02/18 (Sat) Cincinnati
1027 No Target Target at Oakley 2017/02/04 (Sat) Cincinnati
1026 No Al's Bar on Reading Road None 2017/01/21 (Sat) Cincinnati
1024 No Northside Yacht Club Moose's 200th (ish) 2017/01/07 (Sat) Cincinnati
1021 No Save-A-Lot Parking Lot Centurion Hash 2016/12/10 (Sat) Cincinnati