The List of Hashes

The hashes Suck This has done

Hash Number Hyper Location Description Date City
581 No Otto Armleder Park Old Farts Hash 2009/08/01 (Sat) Cincinnati
447 No Home Depot Really Old Farts Hash 2006/11/25 (Sat) Cincinnati
426 No Play By Play Gispert's Birthday Hash 2006/07/31 (Mon) Cincinnati
422 No 4th & Plum parkiing lot Best Blow and Yabba Dabba "I Do" Me Wedding Hash 2006/06/24 (Sat) Cincinnati
411 No Sports Plus None 2006/04/15 (Sat) Cincinnati
405 No Chamberlain Park Anal's 10th Analversary 2006/02/18 (Sat) Cincinnati
400 No Mt. Airy SCH4 #400 Hash 2006/01/07 (Sat) Cincinnati
396 No Providence Way Park Turkey Day Hash 2005/11/26 (Sat) Newport
389 No Rhythm & Blues Cafe 11th Anal SCH4 / DH3 Red Dress Hash 2005/10/15 (Sat) Cincinnati
362 No Tickets Sports Bar Fools Hash 2005/04/01 (Fri) Covington
361 No Irene's Little Bar The 50's Hash (a.k.a. the Semi-Centurion Centurion Hash - Part 1) 2005/03/19 (Sat) Crescent Springs
355 No Stanbery Park 5th Beach Party 2005/01/22 (Sat) Cincinnati
351 No Highland Hills Park Xmas Hash 2004/12/11 (Sat) Fort Thomas
346 No JD's Honky Tonk and Emporium First Anal 7 Hills Hash-A-Thong - Leg2 2004/11/13 (Sat) Cincinnati
337 No Keehner Park Bad Boyz B-Day Hash 2004/09/04 (Sat)
329 No Winton Woods None 2004/07/10 (Sat) Cincinnati
326 No LaBoiteaux Woods None 2004/06/12 (Sat) Cincinnati
325 No Fries Cafe Cicada Hash 2004/05/29 (Sat) Cincinnati
321 No Sharon Woods Famunda & Curdled Cum Wedding Hash 2004/04/17 (Sat) Sharonville
319 No Huntington Bank The Hockey Hash 2004/04/03 (Sat) Cincinnati
311 No Burnet Woods VD Hash 2004/02/07 (Sat) Cincinnati
306 No Jillian's None 2003/12/27 (Sat) Cincinnati
301 No Abandoned School [location: not yet] "Cum Home to Mama Miami" Hash 2003/11/15 (Sat) Oxford
290 No Southern Ohio College Gispert Memorial Hash 2003/07/31 (Thu) Lakeside Park
287 No Isaac M. Wise Temple None 2003/07/12 (Sat) Cincinnati
286 No Oakley ball [location: not yet] None 2003/06/28 (Sat) Oakley
280.60 Yes Christy's Biergarten None 2003/05/08 (Thu) Cincinnati
276.9 No Madeira Crossing All Fool's Day Hash 2003/04/01 (Tue) Madeira
274 No L.J. Smith Athletic Field 3rd Anal St. Patrick's Day Wearing of the Green Hash 2003/03/15 (Sat) Hamilton
272 No Longworth Hall Anal's Analversary 2003/02/22 (Sat) Cincinnati
269 No Sycamore Creek Park Third Miserable Attempt At a Beach Party 2003/01/25 (Sat) Cincinnati
265 No Plum St. Cafe Xmas Hash 2002/12/14 (Sat) Cincinnati
263 No Thomas More College None 2002/11/30 (Sat) Crestview Hills
237 No Home Depot None 2002/05/18 (Sat) Cincinnati
235 No Greyhound Bus Station Flying Pig Hash 2002/05/05 (Sun) Cincinnati
227 No Eden Park Anal's Analversary 2002/02/23 (Sat) Cincinnati
225 No The Diner parking lot Mardi Gras / VD Hash 2002/02/09 (Sat) Cincinnati
224 No Riverboat Row BEACH PARTY II Hash 2002/01/26 (Sat) Newport
222 No Murphy's Pub Triple Deuces Poker Run 2002/01/12 (Sat) Cincinnati
220 No Grand Central Station Xmas Hash 2001/12/15 (Sat) Norwood
216 No CVS Phamacy Sixty Nina / Stinky Winkie Wedding Hash 2001/11/03 (Sat) Cincinnati
210 No Home Depot 3rd Anal Pub Crawl 2001/09/08 (Sat) Cincinnati
208 No Bruce's Canoe Livery Splish Splash Hash 2001/08/25 (Sat) Loveland
200 No Parking lot West Fork Rd. [Approx location] SCH4 200th Hash 2001/06/16 (Sat) Cincinnati
196 No WalMart None 2001/05/19 (Sat) Cincinnati
195 No Graybar Electric Flying Pig Hash 2001/05/06 (Sun) Cincinnati
186 No Longworth Hall Anal's Analversary 2001/02/24 (Sat) Cincinnati
185 No Sharonville Towne Center [location: not yet] VD Hash 2001/02/10 (Sat) Sharonville
183 No Zumbiel Box Company None 2001/01/27 (Sat) Cincinnati
182 No Former Swallens Beach Hash 2001/01/13 (Sat) Cincinnati
160C No Big Bone Lick State Park Big Bone Lick Campout Weekend 2000/07/01 (Sat) Union
158 No Cliff's Hardware Sharonville Smegma's Childhood Hash 2000/06/03 (Sat) Cincinnati
148 No Highlands High School Rock and Roll Hall of Shame Karaoke Hash 2000/03/25 (Sat) Fort Thomas
142 No Northern Kentucky University Highlands Hades Hash 2000/01/15 (Sat) Newport
141 No Millcrest Ball Park Y2K Hash 2000/01/01 (Sat) Norwood
137 No Jillian's Turkey Hash 1999/11/20 (Sat) Covington
136 No Beechmont Center Fall Shig Dig Hash 1999/11/06 (Sat) Cincinnati
135 No Gunpowder Factory None 1999/10/23 (Sat) Maineville
133 No Mainstrasse Free Lot 5th Anal SCH4 / DH3 Red Dress Hash 1999/10/09 (Sat) Covington
132 No BarrelHouse SCH4 4th Analversary 1999/09/25 (Sat) Cincinnati
131 No Cincinnati State None 1999/09/11 (Sat) Cincinnati
130 Yes Cosmo's None 1999/09/09 (Thu) Covington
126 No VFW Hall Bring A Virgin and Get Lei'd 1999/07/31 (Sat) Addyston
119 No Old Planes HEADquarters Bondage Hash 1999/05/22 (Sat) Cincinnati
116 No Kroger None 1999/04/24 (Sat) Cincinnati
113 No Home Depot Final Four Hash 1999/03/27 (Sat) Cincinnati
110 No Parking lot near Art Museum Anal's Analversary 1999/02/27 (Sat) Cincinnati
107 No Kroger Ravine Street Hell Hash 1999/01/30 (Sat) Cincinnati
100 No Cincom Building Centennial Hash 1998/12/05 (Sat) Cincinnati
99 No Hyde Park Plaza None 1998/11/21 (Sat) Cincinnati
97 No Northtown Shopping Center AV / MB Post Wedding Hash 1998/11/07 (Sat) Dayton
96 No French Park None 1998/10/24 (Sat) Cincinnati
95 No Burnet Woods Bring A Virgin 98 1998/10/10 (Sat) Cincinnati
94 Yes Mt. Echo Park None 1998/10/01 (Thu) Cincinnati
93 No Thriftway SCH4 3rd Analversary / Bachelor - Bachelorette 1998/09/26 (Sat) Newport
92 No Chase Elementary School None 1998/09/12 (Sat) Cincinnati