The List of Hashes

The hashes Follows Erections has done

Hash Number Hyper Location Description Date City
1314 Yes Chase elementary Chase elementary 2022/11/17 (Thu) Cincinnati
1294 No 4th and Plum Hot Tubs Pool Party 2022/07/09 (Sat) Cincinnati
1292 Yes Chase elementary Chase elementary 2022/06/16 (Thu) Cincinnati
1287 No Bellevue beach park Flying pig hash 2022/05/01 (Sun)
1283 No Bob Meyer Park April Fool's 2022/04/01 (Fri) Cincinnati
1281 Yes Upper Millcrest Park March Hyper 2022/03/17 (Thu) Norwood
1278 Yes Mason part of Tour dud Hash Hyper Hash 2022/02/17 (Thu) Mason
1277 No Chamberlain Park - Springdale Prestupor Bowl Hash 2022/02/12 (Sat) Springdale
1275 Yes Wiedemann’s Fine Beer, Brewery & Pub Hyper Hash - Weidemann's 2022/01/20 (Thu) Cincinnati
1246 No Bass Island Float Hash 2021/07/03 (Sat) Cincinnati
1236 No Tower Park - Ft Thomas Rainy Bullshit 2021/04/10 (Sat) Fort Thomas
1231 No linden grove cemetery Elephant shitshow 2021/02/27 (Sat) Covington
1225 No covington Vesperates Tight Ass 2021/01/16 (Sat) Covington
1213 No Sundin Fields at Heritage Oak Park Talk Like a Pirate Hash 2020/09/19 (Sat) Mason