The List of Hashes

The hashes Stick a Cock in it has done

Hash Number Hyper Location Description Date City
1353 No Colerain Ave Talk like a Pirate 2023/09/16 (Sat) Cincinnati
1342 No Owls Nest park Owls Nest 2023/07/01 (Sat)
1336 No Longworth hall Flying pig hash 2023/05/07 (Sun)
1334 No Kennedy Shields Park Kenney Shields Park 2023/04/22 (Sat) Covington
1333 Yes Burnet Woods Hyper Burnet Woods 2023/04/20 (Thu) Cincinnati
1330 No Midfletown Wearing of the Green 2023/03/18 (Sat)
1329 Yes MVP sports bar MVP Sports bar 2023/03/16 (Thu) Cincinnati
1321 No Covington Ky New Year’s Eve 2022/12/31 (Sat) Covington
1121 No Austinberg Neighborhood Park Hashathon 2018:A 2018/10/13 (Sat) Covington