The List of Hashes

The hashes In A Heartbeat has done

Hash Number Hyper Location Description Date City
1009 No Mr Pitifuls Red Dress Hash 2016/09/17 (Sat) Cincinnati
869 No Mr. Pitiful's Red Dress 2014/09/20 (Sat) Cincinnati
435 No Campbell County Courthouse Party at the Point Hash 2006/09/06 (Wed) Newport
294 No Parking Lot [location: not yet] SCH4 8th Analversary 2003/09/06 (Sat) Fort Wright
229 No Smith Park DH3/SCH4 2nd Anal St. Patrick's Day Green Dress Hash 2002/03/16 (Sat) Middletown
218 No Lowes Home Improvement None 2001/12/01 (Sat) Cincinnati
217 No Kroger @ Mulberry Square in Milford Turkey Trot 2001/11/17 (Sat) Milford
213 No Ault Park 2nd Anal Reggae Run Hash 2001/10/06 (Sat) Cincinnati
211 No Lunken Playing Fields SCH4 6th Analversary 2001/09/22 (Sat) Cincinnati
193 No Big Lots 1/4 Barrel's Old as Fuckin' Dirt Birthday Hash 2001/04/21 (Sat)
186 No Longworth Hall Anal's Analversary 2001/02/24 (Sat) Cincinnati
168 No German Club Edelweiss Dayton 500th 2000/09/09 (Sat) Englewood
166 No Thriftway (abandoned) None 2000/08/26 (Sat) Cincinnati
165 No Office Max (Eastgate) None 2000/08/12 (Sat) Cincinnati
163 No Golden Corral None 2000/07/29 (Sat) Fort Wright
161 Yes Gaslight None 2000/07/06 (Thu) Cincinnati
160D No Camp Ground Big Bone Lick Campout Weekend 2000/07/02 (Sun) Verona
160C No Big Bone Lick State Park Big Bone Lick Campout Weekend 2000/07/01 (Sat) Union
160B No Adair Wildlife Management Area Big Bone Lick Campout Weekend 2000/07/01 (Sat) Union
160A No Oak Creek Campground Big Bone Lick Campout Weekend 2000/06/30 (Fri) Verona
159 No deSha's None 2000/06/17 (Sat) Cincinnati
155 No 4th and Plum Parking Lot Flying Pig Mommy's Day Hash 2000/05/14 (Sun) Cincinnati
154 No Kroger None 2000/05/06 (Sat) Cincinnati
153 No Kroger Cinco de Mayo Hash 2000/05/05 (Fri) Cincinnati
151 No Reed Hartman and Cornell Road None 2000/04/22 (Sat) Cincinnati
150 No Blockbuster None 2000/04/08 (Sat) Newport
148 No Highlands High School Rock and Roll Hall of Shame Karaoke Hash 2000/03/25 (Sat) Fort Thomas
145 No Thriftway Anal's Analversary 2000/02/26 (Sat) Blue Ash
144 No Embshoff Nature Preserve VD Hash 2000/02/12 (Sat)
143 No Bigg's None 2000/01/29 (Sat) Cincinnati
142 No Northern Kentucky University Highlands Hades Hash 2000/01/15 (Sat) Newport
140 No Gourmet's House New Year's Eve Hash 1999/12/31 (Fri) Beckett Ridge
139 No Eastgate Mall (Sears) Xmas Hash 1999/12/18 (Sat) Cincinnati
137 No Jillian's Turkey Hash 1999/11/20 (Sat) Covington
136 No Beechmont Center Fall Shig Dig Hash 1999/11/06 (Sat) Cincinnati
135 No Gunpowder Factory None 1999/10/23 (Sat) Maineville
132 No BarrelHouse SCH4 4th Analversary 1999/09/25 (Sat) Cincinnati
131 No Cincinnati State None 1999/09/11 (Sat) Cincinnati
129 No Clines (on the River) None 1999/08/28 (Sat) Newport
128A No Pilger's [location approximate] Campout Weekend 1999/08/14 (Sat) Vanceburg
127 No Public Landing [location approximate] Campout Weekend 1999/08/13 (Fri) Vanceburg
126 No VFW Hall Bring A Virgin and Get Lei'd 1999/07/31 (Sat) Addyston
125 No Ryder Bus Company Between the Freeways Hash 1999/07/17 (Sat) Arlington Heights
122 No Reading Stadium Streetwalker / Sranted Screw Wedding Hash 1999/06/19 (Sat) Cincinnati