The List of Hashes

The hashes Catwoman has done

Hash Number Hyper Location Description Date City
1257 No Wilson Park - West Carrollton Laborless Labor Day Hash SCH4/DH3 2021/09/06 (Mon) West Carrollton
1170 No State Farm Park Red Dress 2019/09/07 (Sat) Kettering
1168 No Timbercrest RV Park OHIH 2019 Saturday 2019/08/24 (Sat) Walnut Creek
1114 No J & J Enterprises Party Rental OHIH Sunday Hangover Hash 2018/08/19 (Sun) Greenville
1113 No Old Train Depot, Greenville OH OHIH Saturday 2018/08/18 (Sat) Greenville
1112 No Shawnee Prairie Preserve OHIH Friday 2018/08/17 (Fri) Greenville
1062 No Dayton Beer Company Red Dress Run (Joint Dayton) 2017/09/09 (Sat) Dayton
1046 No Renaissance Festival Grounds OHIH Sunday Morning Trail 2017/06/11 (Sun) Waynesville
1045 No Renaissance Festival Grounds OHIH Saturday Night Trail 2017/06/10 (Sat) Waynesville
1044 No Renaissance Festival Grounds OHIH Saturday Day Trail 2017/06/10 (Sat) Waynesville
1043 No Renaissance Festival Grounds OHIH Friday Night Trail 2017/06/09 (Fri) Waynesville
1029 No Rotary Park Gispert Memorial and VD Hash 2017/02/11 (Sat) Beavercreek
961 No 2381 Center Rd OHIH 2016 2016/06/05 (Sun) Clinton
944 No Silverton Cafe Chairman of the Bored: The Anti-Calvinist Hash 2016/02/20 (Sat) Cincinnati
837 No Warped Wing Brewery Green Dress Run 2014/03/15 (Sat) Dayton
807 No Orthopedic & Sport Medicine Hasher Hall of Shame 2013/08/17 (Sat) Middletown
796 No Yellow Springs None 2013/07/06 (Sat) Yellow Springs
781 No Flanagan's DH3 / SCH4 Wearin' o' the Green Hash 2013/03/16 (Sat) Dayton
771 No Brown Bar Package Handler Memorial 2012/12/29 (Sat) Hamilton
767 No 4th & Plum Apts None 2012/12/15 (Sat) Cincinnati
753 No Dayton Canoe Club Red Dress Hash / Real 17th Anniversary 2012/09/15 (Sat) Dayton
725 No Waldruhe Park Runnin' o' the Green Hash 2012/03/17 (Sat) Miamisburg
722 No Fountain Square None 2012/02/25 (Sat) Cincinnati
697 No Head First Cafe DH3 / SCH4 Red Dress Hash 2011/09/17 (Sat) Cincinnati
652 No Newcom Park DH3 / SCH4 Halloweenie Hash 2010/10/30 (Sat) Kettering
649 No School Parking Lot DH3 / SCH4 Red Dress Hash 2010/10/16 (Sat) Dayton
588 No Jerzees SCH4 / DH3 Red Dress Hash 2009/08/29 (Sat) Newport
571 No 8th and Walnut Sts None 2009/05/23 (Sat) Dayton
569 No Ault Park None 2009/05/09 (Sat) Cincinnati
563 No Galt Hotel Suites SCH4/Louisville H3 Joint Hash 2009/03/28 (Sat) Louisville
561 No Casey Ds SCH4 / DH3 Wearin' o' the Green Hash 2009/03/14 (Sat) Cincinnati
537 No International Heritage Academy DH3 / SCH4 Red Dress Hash 2008/09/20 (Sat) Dayton
533 No Greyhound Bus Depot Party in the Park Hash 2008/09/10 (Wed) Cincinnati
518 No JerZees Pub & Grub Changing of the Guard 2008/06/07 (Sat) Newport
444 No Horace Mann School Halloween Costume Hash 2006/10/28 (Sat) Dayton
433 No Limbo's DH3 / SCH4 Red Dress Hash 2006/08/26 (Sat) Dayton
419 No N Main St & E High St Wedding Hash 2006/06/10 (Sat) Oxford
373 No Mariemont Jr. High School Bastille Day Hash 2005/07/09 (Sat) Cincinnati
305 No The Monastery Parking Lot Xmas Hash 2003/12/13 (Sat) Cincinnati
296 No Head First Cafe 9th Anal SCH4 / DH3 Red Dress Hash 2003/09/20 (Sat) Cincinnati
284 No Withrow High School Preppy Hash 2003/06/14 (Sat) Cincinnati
255 No Kellogg Soccer Field SCH4 7th Analversary 2002/09/21 (Sat) Cincinnati
249 No German Club Edelweiss Mash Nash Hash 2002/08/24 (Sat) Englewood
248 No German Club Edelweiss Mash Nash Hash 2002/08/23 (Fri) Englewood
233 Yes War Memorial None 2002/04/18 (Thu) Cincinnati
214 No Head First Cafe 7th Anal SCH4 / DH3 Red Dress Hash 2001/10/20 (Sat) Cincinnati
211 No Lunken Playing Fields SCH4 6th Analversary 2001/09/22 (Sat) Cincinnati
189 No Dunlavey Elementary School 1st Anal St. Patrick's Day Green Dress Hash 2001/03/17 (Sat) Lebanon
168 No German Club Edelweiss Dayton 500th 2000/09/09 (Sat) Englewood
140 No Gourmet's House New Year's Eve Hash 1999/12/31 (Fri) Beckett Ridge
128A No Pilger's [location approximate] Campout Weekend 1999/08/14 (Sat) Vanceburg
127 No Public Landing [location approximate] Campout Weekend 1999/08/13 (Fri) Vanceburg
117 No Berman Printing Flying Pig Hash 1999/05/09 (Sun) Cincinnati
100 No Cincom Building Centennial Hash 1998/12/05 (Sat) Cincinnati
85 Yes O'Leary's Pub & Grub None 1998/07/09 (Thu) Centerville
69 No Mirror Lake None 1998/01/17 (Sat) Cincinnati
67 No PNC Bank Xmas Hash 1997/12/20 (Sat) Deer Park
64 No LaRosa's None 1997/11/08 (Sat) Cincinnati
59 No Pfeffer Park None 1997/09/13 (Sat) Oxford
58P No Thriftway 3rd Anal DH3 / SCH4 Red Dress Hash 1997/09/06 (Sat) Newport
15 No Lebanon High School None 1996/03/23 (Sat) Lebanon
2 No Clifton [location not specified] None 1995/09/22 (Fri) Cincinnati
1 No Revco Car Park First SCH4 Hash 1995/09/15 (Fri) Cincinnati