The List of Hashes

The hashes Rocky The Flying Micro-Dick Squirrel has done

Hash Number Hyper Location Description Date City
500.5 No Tina's SCH4 500th Weekend Pub Crawl 2008/01/18 (Fri) Cincinnati
340 No Bellevue Veterans Club The 1st (Potentially Anal) SCH4 Pirate and 9th Analversary Hash 2004/09/18 (Sat) Bellevue
333 No Public Parking Lot [location: not yet] Triple Tres Poker Run 2004/08/07 (Sat) Cheviot
200 No Parking lot West Fork Rd. [Approx location] SCH4 200th Hash 2001/06/16 (Sat) Cincinnati
199 Yes Bier Haus The Second Ever Wednesday Hash 2001/06/13 (Wed) Cincinnati
166 No Thriftway (abandoned) None 2000/08/26 (Sat) Cincinnati
160C No Big Bone Lick State Park Big Bone Lick Campout Weekend 2000/07/01 (Sat) Union
160A No Oak Creek Campground Big Bone Lick Campout Weekend 2000/06/30 (Fri) Verona
151 No Reed Hartman and Cornell Road None 2000/04/22 (Sat) Cincinnati