The List of Hashes

The hashes Sucks But Doesn't Swallow has done

Hash Number Hyper Location Description Date City
1233 Yes Best Blow's Best Blow's - hyper 2021/03/18 (Thu) Cincinnati
790 No MadTree Brewery Good Beer Hash 2013/06/01 (Sat) Cincinnati
783 No Goebel Park April Fools Hash 2013/04/01 (Mon) Covington
757 No Ault Park Reggae Run Hash 2012/10/06 (Sat) Cincinnati
754 No Backstage Cafe Talk Like A Pirate Hash 2012/09/19 (Wed) Covington
752 No 4th & Plum Apts Super Hero Hash 2012/09/08 (Sat) Cincinnati
722 No Fountain Square None 2012/02/25 (Sat) Cincinnati
697 No Head First Cafe DH3 / SCH4 Red Dress Hash 2011/09/17 (Sat) Cincinnati
686 No Sherwood Elementary School MIA Hash 2011/07/30 (Sat) Cincinnati
682 No Burnet Woods Old Farts Hash 2011/06/18 (Sat) Cincinnati
671 No Beach Water Park Beach Party Hash 2011/03/26 (Sat) Mason
647 No Ault Park SCH4 / DH3 Reggae Run Hash 2010/10/02 (Sat) Cincinnati
632 No Eden Park Toga Hash 2010/07/17 (Sat) Cincinnati
618 No Indian Hill Swim Club 10th Anal Beach Party Hash 2010/03/27 (Sat) Madeira
606 No 4th and Plum Apartments Xmas Hash 2009/12/19 (Sat) Cincinnati
596 No Ault Park Reggae Run Hash 2009/10/03 (Sat) Cincinnati
592 No Greyhound Bus Station Talk Like A Pirate Hash 2009/09/19 (Sat) Cincinnati
588 No Jerzees SCH4 / DH3 Red Dress Hash 2009/08/29 (Sat) Newport
581 No Otto Armleder Park Old Farts Hash 2009/08/01 (Sat) Cincinnati
576 No Mt Airy Park Annual Cookout Hash / 4th of July 2009/07/04 (Sat) Cincinnati
556 No Biggs None 2009/01/17 (Sat) Cincinnati
492 No Beechmont Mall Halloweenie Hash 2007/10/27 (Sat) Cincinnati
487 No Ault Park Reggae Run Hash 2007/10/06 (Sat) Cincinnati
471 No PMS's Office [location: not yet] None 2007/06/23 (Sat) Fort Thomas
465 No Alms Park None 2007/05/12 (Sat) Cincinnati
459 No Froggy Blues Cafe SCH4 / DH3 Wearin' o' the Green Hash 2007/03/17 (Sat) Monroe
450 No Kroger None 2006/12/23 (Sat) Madeira
448 No Hertz Rent-A-Car Xmas Hash 2006/12/09 (Sat) Cincinnati
439 No Ault Park 7th Anal Reggae Run Hash 2006/10/07 (Sat) Cincinnati
425 No Dillonvale Shopping Center None 2006/07/22 (Sat) Cincinnati
422 No 4th & Plum parkiing lot Best Blow and Yabba Dabba "I Do" Me Wedding Hash 2006/06/24 (Sat) Cincinnati
418 No 6th & Main Streets 06.06.06 Hash 2006/06/06 (Tue) Covington
415 No Avoca Trailhead Park Old Farts Hash 2006/05/13 (Sat)
410 No Dunore Park April Fools Day Hash 2006/04/01 (Sat) Cincinnati
402 No Canoe Court Beach Party California Style 2006/01/21 (Sat) Cincinnati
398 No Sharonville Municipal Parking Xmas Hash 2005 2005/12/10 (Sat) Cincinnati
387 No Ault Park 6th Anal Reggae Run Hash 2005/10/01 (Sat) Cincinnati
386 No Longworth Hall The 2nd Anal SCH4 Talk Like A Pirate Hash 2005/09/17 (Sat) Cincinnati
384 No Gilmore Ponds Bad Boyz B-Day Hash II 2005/09/03 (Sat) Hamilton
379 No Parking Lot [Approximate location] The Auf Wiedersehen Hash 2005/08/20 (Sat) Loveland
377 No Willie's None 2005/08/06 (Sat) Covington
373 No Mariemont Jr. High School Bastille Day Hash 2005/07/09 (Sat) Cincinnati
372 No Camp Washington Community Center Another Urban Shiggy Hash 2005/06/25 (Sat) Cincinnati
362 No Tickets Sports Bar Fools Hash 2005/04/01 (Fri) Covington
360 No Norwood Plaza 5th Anal St. Patrick's Day Wearing of the Green Hash 2005/03/17 (Thu) Cincinnati
347 No House of Blue Balls [location: not yet] First Anal 7 Hills Hash-A-Thong - Leg3 2004/11/13 (Sat) Cincinnati
341 No Ault Park 5th Anal Reggae Run Hash 2004/10/02 (Sat) Cincinnati
340 No Bellevue Veterans Club The 1st (Potentially Anal) SCH4 Pirate and 9th Analversary Hash 2004/09/18 (Sat) Bellevue
337 No Keehner Park Bad Boyz B-Day Hash 2004/09/04 (Sat)
336 No Fountain Square The Anti-CCV Hash 2004/08/21 (Sat) Cincinnati
331 No B-List Tavern Toga Hash 2004/07/24 (Sat) Bellevue
325 No Fries Cafe Cicada Hash 2004/05/29 (Sat) Cincinnati
321 No Sharon Woods Famunda & Curdled Cum Wedding Hash 2004/04/17 (Sat) Sharonville
320 Yes Stanbery Park None 2004/04/15 (Thu) Cincinnati
313 No Greyhound Bus Station Anal's Analversary 2004/02/21 (Sat) Cincinnati
305 No The Monastery Parking Lot Xmas Hash 2003/12/13 (Sat) Cincinnati
303 No Turkey Ridge Park Turkey Hash 2003/11/29 (Sat) Cincinnati
298 Yes Parking lot [location: not yet] None 2003/10/16 (Thu) Newport
297 No Ault Park 4th Anal Reggae Run Hash 2003/10/04 (Sat) Cincinnati
296 No Head First Cafe 9th Anal SCH4 / DH3 Red Dress Hash 2003/09/20 (Sat) Cincinnati
293B No Fort St. Clair Park Campout Weekend - "Eat-Out in Eat-In" Hash 2003/08/23 (Sat) Eaton
290 No Southern Ohio College Gispert Memorial Hash 2003/07/31 (Thu) Lakeside Park
289 No Northern Kentucky University Highland Heights Hash House Harriers & Harriettes, aka H6 2003/07/26 (Sat) Newport
285 Yes Public Parking Lot None 2003/06/19 (Thu) Covington
283 No Mt. Storm Park The Crazy Hat Hash 2003/05/31 (Sat) Cincinnati
279 No Big Lots Holy Hash 2003/04/19 (Sat) Newport
276 No Johnny's Toys [location: not yet] 15th Analversary of the Perry H3 2003/03/22 (Sat) Milford
275 Yes Neon Knocker's House [location: not yet] Neon Hosts a Hyper 2003/03/20 (Thu) Fort Mitchell
273 No Greyhound Bus Station None 2003/03/08 (Sat) Cincinnati
269 No Sycamore Creek Park Third Miserable Attempt At a Beach Party 2003/01/25 (Sat) Cincinnati
265 No Plum St. Cafe Xmas Hash 2002/12/14 (Sat) Cincinnati
255 No Kellogg Soccer Field SCH4 7th Analversary 2002/09/21 (Sat) Cincinnati
247 Yes Pleasant Ridge Park None 2002/08/15 (Thu) Cincinnati
245 No Montgomery Inn Gispert Memorial Hash 2002/07/31 (Wed) Fort Mitchell
244 No Complete Petmart Anderson Daze 2002/07/27 (Sat) Cincinnati
238 No Lake Isabella Park Sucks But Doesn't Swallow and Poo Packer Wedding Hash 2002/06/01 (Sat) Loveland
234 No Lookout Corporate Center Butt Digger and Eats It Raw Wedding Hash 2002/04/20 (Sat) Fort Wright
225 No The Diner parking lot Mardi Gras / VD Hash 2002/02/09 (Sat) Cincinnati
220 No Grand Central Station Xmas Hash 2001/12/15 (Sat) Norwood
216 No CVS Phamacy Sixty Nina / Stinky Winkie Wedding Hash 2001/11/03 (Sat) Cincinnati
214 No Head First Cafe 7th Anal SCH4 / DH3 Red Dress Hash 2001/10/20 (Sat) Cincinnati
211 No Lunken Playing Fields SCH4 6th Analversary 2001/09/22 (Sat) Cincinnati
208 No Bruce's Canoe Livery Splish Splash Hash 2001/08/25 (Sat) Loveland
206 Yes Fries Cafe None 2001/08/02 (Thu) Cincinnati
205 No Willet Park Gispert Memorial Hash 2001/07/31 (Tue) Norwood
197 No Nagel Middle School None 2001/06/02 (Sat) Cincinnati
188 No Livingston Lodge None 2001/03/10 (Sat) Cincinnati
186 No Longworth Hall Anal's Analversary 2001/02/24 (Sat) Cincinnati
183 No Zumbiel Box Company None 2001/01/27 (Sat) Cincinnati
175 No Alliance Primary Care Playgrounds of Anderson 2000/11/04 (Sat) Cincinnati
173 No Ault Park Pavilion The Reggae Hash 2000/10/21 (Sat) Cincinnati
166 No Thriftway (abandoned) None 2000/08/26 (Sat) Cincinnati
164 Yes Lunken Playfield None 2000/08/03 (Thu) Cincinnati
163 No Hyde Park Square Gispert Memorial Hash 2000/07/31 (Mon) Cincinnati
162 No Woodland Mound Park Hash & Bash Weekend 2000/07/15 (Sat) Cincinnati
157 No Summit Elementary School The Deck Hash 2000/06/01 (Thu) Cincinnati
151 No Reed Hartman and Cornell Road None 2000/04/22 (Sat) Cincinnati
148 No Highlands High School Rock and Roll Hall of Shame Karaoke Hash 2000/03/25 (Sat) Fort Thomas
146 No Kroger Leap Day Hash 2000/02/29 (Tue) Bellevue
136 No Beechmont Center Fall Shig Dig Hash 1999/11/06 (Sat) Cincinnati
133 No Mainstrasse Free Lot 5th Anal SCH4 / DH3 Red Dress Hash 1999/10/09 (Sat) Covington
132 No BarrelHouse SCH4 4th Analversary 1999/09/25 (Sat) Cincinnati
129 No Clines (on the River) None 1999/08/28 (Sat) Newport
124 Yes Owls Nest Park None 1999/07/08 (Thu) Cincinnati
122 No Reading Stadium Streetwalker / Sranted Screw Wedding Hash 1999/06/19 (Sat) Cincinnati
120 No Winton Woods Cottonwoods Meadow BASH 1999/06/05 (Sat) Cincinnati
119 No Old Planes HEADquarters Bondage Hash 1999/05/22 (Sat) Cincinnati
114 Yes Fries Cafe None 1999/04/08 (Thu) Cincinnati
113 No Home Depot Final Four Hash 1999/03/27 (Sat) Cincinnati
110 No Parking lot near Art Museum Anal's Analversary 1999/02/27 (Sat) Cincinnati
103 No Willie's Bar New Year's Eve Hash 1998/12/31 (Thu) Beckett Ridge
102 No Hyde Park School Xmas Hash 1998/12/19 (Sat) Cincinnati
100 No Cincom Building Centennial Hash 1998/12/05 (Sat) Cincinnati
99 No Hyde Park Plaza None 1998/11/21 (Sat) Cincinnati
95 No Burnet Woods Bring A Virgin 98 1998/10/10 (Sat) Cincinnati
93 No Thriftway SCH4 3rd Analversary / Bachelor - Bachelorette 1998/09/26 (Sat) Newport
91a No NCR Parking Lot 4th Anal DH3 / SCH4 Red Dress Hash 1998/09/05 (Sat) Dayton
90 No IGA None 1998/08/29 (Sat) New Richmond
89 No East Fork State Park None 1998/08/15 (Sat) Bethel
87 No Christian Family Stores [location: probably] None 1998/08/01 (Sat) Springdale
86 No Boathouse Toga 98 1998/07/18 (Sat) Cincinnati
84 No Water Tower Square None 1998/07/04 (Sat) Newport
81 No Mt. Washington Elementary None 1998/06/06 (Sat) Cincinnati
80 No Osborne Coinage Co (former location) None 1998/05/23 (Sat) Cincinnati
78 No Thriftway None 1998/05/09 (Sat) Cincinnati
77 No Brewer Bldg. Where Eagles Dare / Bonnie & Clyde's Milk Truck Getaway 1998/04/25 (Sat) Milford
72 No Sabin Park Anal's Analversary 1998/02/28 (Sat) Cincinnati
71 No Norwood View Elementary School VD 98 1998/02/14 (Sat) Norwood
70 No Bob Evans None 1998/01/31 (Sat) Newport
69 No Mirror Lake None 1998/01/17 (Sat) Cincinnati
68 No Johnny's Toys None 1998/01/03 (Sat) Cincinnati
67 No PNC Bank Xmas Hash 1997/12/20 (Sat) Deer Park
63 No Hyde Park Square None 1997/10/25 (Sat) Cincinnati
62 No Alms Park Bring A Virgin 97 1997/10/11 (Sat) Cincinnati
60 No Boathouse SCH4 2nd Analversary 1997/09/27 (Sat) Cincinnati
55 No Thriftway None 1997/08/16 (Sat) Cincinnati
51 Yes Home Goods None 1997/07/10 (Thu) Cincinnati
49 No Thriftway Love Boat 1997/06/21 (Sat) Fort Wright
46 No Big Lots None 1997/05/24 (Sat) Newport
44 No Kroger High Socks 97 1997/05/10 (Sat) Madeira
43 No River Sands Inn None 1997/04/26 (Sat) Cincinnati
40 No Montessori School None 1997/03/29 (Sat) Cincinnati
36 No Thriftway None 1997/02/01 (Sat) Newport
31 No Thriftway None 1996/11/23 (Sat) Newport
27 No Mainstrasse Clock Tower SCH4 1st Analversary 1996/09/28 (Sat) Covington