The List of Hashes

The hashes SCH4nort Up The Ass has done

Hash Number Hyper Location Description Date City
296 No Head First Cafe 9th Anal SCH4 / DH3 Red Dress Hash 2003/09/20 (Sat) Cincinnati
293B No Fort St. Clair Park Campout Weekend - "Eat-Out in Eat-In" Hash 2003/08/23 (Sat) Eaton
292 Yes O'Malley's in the Alley None 2003/08/21 (Thu) Cincinnati
290 No Southern Ohio College Gispert Memorial Hash 2003/07/31 (Thu) Lakeside Park
289 No Northern Kentucky University Highland Heights Hash House Harriers & Harriettes, aka H6 2003/07/26 (Sat) Newport
285 Yes Public Parking Lot None 2003/06/19 (Thu) Covington
284 No Withrow High School Preppy Hash 2003/06/14 (Sat) Cincinnati
283 No Mt. Storm Park The Crazy Hat Hash 2003/05/31 (Sat) Cincinnati
281 Yes City Park [location: not yet] None 2003/05/15 (Thu) Lockland
280.60 Yes Christy's Biergarten None 2003/05/08 (Thu) Cincinnati
280 No Statue of Cincinnatus Flying Pig Hash 2003/05/04 (Sun) Cincinnati
278 Yes Robert W. Short Park None 2003/04/17 (Thu) Cincinnati
276.9 No Madeira Crossing All Fool's Day Hash 2003/04/01 (Tue) Madeira
276 No Johnny's Toys [location: not yet] 15th Analversary of the Perry H3 2003/03/22 (Sat) Milford
271 Yes Wyoming Civic Center None 2003/02/20 (Thu) Cincinnati
265 No Plum St. Cafe Xmas Hash 2002/12/14 (Sat) Cincinnati
264 Yes Mariemont Inn None 2002/12/12 (Thu) Mariemont
261 No Hollywood Video The Flasher Hash 2002/11/16 (Sat) Cincinnati
259 No Downtown Dayton [location approximate] Halloween Hash - cum dressed as your Hash Name or ANY SCH4/DH3 Hash Name 2002/10/26 (Sat) Dayton
258 No C.O. Harrison Elementary None 2002/10/19 (Sat) Cincinnati
254 No Tom's Maze Tom's Maze Hash 2002/09/20 (Fri) Germantown
253 Yes Christy's Biergarten None 2002/09/19 (Thu) Cincinnati
250 No German Club Edelweiss Mash Nash Hash 2002/08/25 (Sun) Englewood
247 Yes Pleasant Ridge Park None 2002/08/15 (Thu) Cincinnati
243 Yes Kilgour Elementary School None 2002/07/18 (Thu) Cincinnati
241 No Diner Parking Lot None 2002/06/29 (Sat) Cincinnati
240 Yes Greenhills Shopping Center None 2002/06/20 (Thu) Cincinnati
238 No Lake Isabella Park Sucks But Doesn't Swallow and Poo Packer Wedding Hash 2002/06/01 (Sat) Loveland
235 No Greyhound Bus Station Flying Pig Hash 2002/05/05 (Sun) Cincinnati
233 Yes War Memorial None 2002/04/18 (Thu) Cincinnati
217 No Kroger @ Mulberry Square in Milford Turkey Trot 2001/11/17 (Sat) Milford
216 No CVS Phamacy Sixty Nina / Stinky Winkie Wedding Hash 2001/11/03 (Sat) Cincinnati
215 Yes Pfeiffer Park None 2001/11/01 (Thu) Montgomery
214 No Head First Cafe 7th Anal SCH4 / DH3 Red Dress Hash 2001/10/20 (Sat) Cincinnati
213 No Ault Park 2nd Anal Reggae Run Hash 2001/10/06 (Sat) Cincinnati
212 Yes McGregors Park (now gone) None 2001/10/04 (Thu) Elmwood Place
211 No Lunken Playing Fields SCH4 6th Analversary 2001/09/22 (Sat) Cincinnati
210 No Home Depot 3rd Anal Pub Crawl 2001/09/08 (Sat) Cincinnati
208 No Bruce's Canoe Livery Splish Splash Hash 2001/08/25 (Sat) Loveland
206 Yes Fries Cafe None 2001/08/02 (Thu) Cincinnati
205 No Willet Park Gispert Memorial Hash 2001/07/31 (Tue) Norwood
203C Yes RiversEdge Outfitters Campout - Canoe Hyper Hash 2001/07/15 (Sun) Waynesville
203B No Caesar Creek State Park Campout - Revenge of the Vampire Hares! 2001/07/14 (Sat) Waynesville
203A No Caesar Creek State Park Campout - Shig-Shig Hash 2001/07/14 (Sat) Waynesville
202 Yes Winton Savings & Loan None 2001/07/05 (Thu) Cincinnati
201 No DeSha's Restaurant The Classiest Hash There Ever Was 2001/06/30 (Sat) Cincinnati
200 No Parking lot West Fork Rd. [Approx location] SCH4 200th Hash 2001/06/16 (Sat) Cincinnati
197 No Nagel Middle School None 2001/06/02 (Sat) Cincinnati