The List of Hashes

The hashes Freakin' Big Kunt has done

Hash Number Hyper Location Description Date City
382 No Whitewater River Canoe Hash 2005/08/27 (Sat) Brookville
381 No Mounds State Park None 2005/08/27 (Sat) Brookville
379 No Parking Lot [Approximate location] The Auf Wiedersehen Hash 2005/08/20 (Sat) Loveland
378 Yes Park [Approximate location] None 2005/08/18 (Thu) Glendale
373 No Mariemont Jr. High School Bastille Day Hash 2005/07/09 (Sat) Cincinnati
372 No Camp Washington Community Center Another Urban Shiggy Hash 2005/06/25 (Sat) Cincinnati
371 Yes Chamberlain Park None 2005/06/16 (Thu) Cincinnati
370 No Voorhees Park 4x50 Hash 2005/06/11 (Sat) Reading
369 No PMS's House Mount Me & Fecal Wedding Hash 2005/05/28 (Sat) Fort Thomas
368 Yes Roselawn Park None 2005/05/19 (Thu) Cincinnati
367 No Kings Mills Elementary Lewis and Clark Hash 2005/05/14 (Sat) Kings Mills
366 No Fourth & Plum Parking Lot Flying Pig Hash 2005/05/01 (Sun) Cincinnati
365 Yes Hyde Park Public School None 2005/04/21 (Thu) Cincinnati
364 No Public parking lot [location: not yet] Hares' Analversary / Earth Day Hash 2005/04/16 (Sat) Mt Healthy
363 No Thriftway None 2005/04/02 (Sat) Blue Ash
362 No Tickets Sports Bar Fools Hash 2005/04/01 (Fri) Covington
361 No Irene's Little Bar The 50's Hash (a.k.a. the Semi-Centurion Centurion Hash - Part 1) 2005/03/19 (Sat) Crescent Springs
360 No Norwood Plaza 5th Anal St. Patrick's Day Wearing of the Green Hash 2005/03/17 (Thu) Cincinnati
358 No Heritage Oak Park Anal's Analversary 2005/02/19 (Sat) Mason
357 Yes Fourth & Plum Parking Lot None 2005/02/17 (Thu) Cincinnati
356 No Latonia Shopping Center Crab Ass Hash 2005/02/05 (Sat) Covington
355 No Stanbery Park 5th Beach Party 2005/01/22 (Sat) Cincinnati
354 Yes Mariemont Inn None 2005/01/20 (Thu) Mariemont
353 No Rapid Run Park None 2005/01/08 (Sat) Cincinnati
351 No Highland Hills Park Xmas Hash 2004/12/11 (Sat) Fort Thomas
350 Yes Tickets Sports Bar None 2004/12/09 (Thu) Covington
348 Yes Christy's Biergarten None 2004/11/18 (Thu) Cincinnati
346 No JD's Honky Tonk and Emporium First Anal 7 Hills Hash-A-Thong - Leg2 2004/11/13 (Sat) Cincinnati
347 No House of Blue Balls [location: not yet] First Anal 7 Hills Hash-A-Thong - Leg3 2004/11/13 (Sat) Cincinnati
345 No Garfield Park First Anal 7 Hills Hash-A-Thong - Leg1 2004/11/13 (Sat) Cincinnati
344 No Dublin Pub Sin City / Dayton Halloweenie Hash 2004/10/30 (Sat) Dayton
343 Yes Silverton Park None 2004/10/21 (Thu) Cincinnati
342 No Voorhees Park The Head-less Hash 2004/10/16 (Sat) Reading
341 No Ault Park 5th Anal Reggae Run Hash 2004/10/02 (Sat) Cincinnati
340 No Bellevue Veterans Club The 1st (Potentially Anal) SCH4 Pirate and 9th Analversary Hash 2004/09/18 (Sat) Bellevue
339 Yes Irene's Little Bar None 2004/09/16 (Thu) Crescent Springs
336 No Fountain Square The Anti-CCV Hash 2004/08/21 (Sat) Cincinnati
335 Yes Cedar Street Park None 2004/08/19 (Thu) Elmwood Place
333 No Public Parking Lot [location: not yet] Triple Tres Poker Run 2004/08/07 (Sat) Cheviot
332 No Rosedale Elementary Gispert Memorial Hash 2004/07/31 (Sat) Middletown
331 No B-List Tavern Toga Hash 2004/07/24 (Sat) Bellevue
330 No Fourth & Plum Parking Lot Anal Fourth & Plum Hash/Pool Party 2004/07/15 (Thu) Cincinnati
329 No Winton Woods None 2004/07/10 (Sat) Cincinnati
327 Yes Brentwood Plaza None 2004/06/17 (Thu) Cincinnati
326 No LaBoiteaux Woods None 2004/06/12 (Sat) Cincinnati
325 No Fries Cafe Cicada Hash 2004/05/29 (Sat) Cincinnati
322 No Fourth & Plum Parking Lot Flying Pig Hash 2004/05/02 (Sun) Cincinnati
321 No Sharon Woods Famunda & Curdled Cum Wedding Hash 2004/04/17 (Sat) Sharonville
319 No Huntington Bank The Hockey Hash 2004/04/03 (Sat) Cincinnati
315 No Roosevelt Elementary 4th Anal St. Patrick's Day Wearing of the Green Hash 2004/03/13 (Sat) Middletown
314 No Western Hills High School None 2004/03/06 (Sat) Cincinnati
313 No Greyhound Bus Station Anal's Analversary 2004/02/21 (Sat) Cincinnati
311 No Burnet Woods VD Hash 2004/02/07 (Sat) Cincinnati
310 No Surf Sincinnati Yet Another Beach Party 2004/01/24 (Sat) Cincinnati
309 Yes Hyde Park Square None 2004/01/15 (Thu) Cincinnati
308 No Five Seasons Country Club A Fine Whine Hash 2004/01/10 (Sat) Crestview Hills
306 No Jillian's None 2003/12/27 (Sat) Cincinnati
300 No Mt. Airy Forest SCH4 300th Hash 2003/11/01 (Sat) Cincinnati
292 Yes O'Malley's in the Alley None 2003/08/21 (Thu) Cincinnati
291 No Old Hardees Wouldn't You Like To Be In Joy / Pinocchio Fucks Chickens Wedding Hash 2003/08/09 (Sat) Cincinnati
290 No Southern Ohio College Gispert Memorial Hash 2003/07/31 (Thu) Lakeside Park
289 No Northern Kentucky University Highland Heights Hash House Harriers & Harriettes, aka H6 2003/07/26 (Sat) Newport
288 Yes Hoffner Park None 2003/07/17 (Thu) Cincinnati
287 No Isaac M. Wise Temple None 2003/07/12 (Sat) Cincinnati
286 No Oakley ball [location: not yet] None 2003/06/28 (Sat) Oakley
285 Yes Public Parking Lot None 2003/06/19 (Thu) Covington
284 No Withrow High School Preppy Hash 2003/06/14 (Sat) Cincinnati
283 No Mt. Storm Park The Crazy Hat Hash 2003/05/31 (Sat) Cincinnati
282 No Ziegler Park Old Farts Hash 2003/05/17 (Sat) Cincinnati
281 Yes City Park [location: not yet] None 2003/05/15 (Thu) Lockland
280.60 Yes Christy's Biergarten None 2003/05/08 (Thu) Cincinnati
280 No Statue of Cincinnatus Flying Pig Hash 2003/05/04 (Sun) Cincinnati
277 No Huff Realty None 2003/04/05 (Sat) Highland Heights
276.9 No Madeira Crossing All Fool's Day Hash 2003/04/01 (Tue) Madeira
276 No Johnny's Toys [location: not yet] 15th Analversary of the Perry H3 2003/03/22 (Sat) Milford
275 Yes Neon Knocker's House [location: not yet] Neon Hosts a Hyper 2003/03/20 (Thu) Fort Mitchell
274 No L.J. Smith Athletic Field 3rd Anal St. Patrick's Day Wearing of the Green Hash 2003/03/15 (Sat) Hamilton
273 No Greyhound Bus Station None 2003/03/08 (Sat) Cincinnati
272 No Longworth Hall Anal's Analversary 2003/02/22 (Sat) Cincinnati
271 Yes Wyoming Civic Center None 2003/02/20 (Thu) Cincinnati
270 No Salway PLAYground None 2003/02/08 (Sat) Cincinnati
269 No Sycamore Creek Park Third Miserable Attempt At a Beach Party 2003/01/25 (Sat) Cincinnati
267 No Kroger Lei of the Land(en) 2003/01/11 (Sat) Maineville
266.9 No Head First Cafe Big Bang Implosion Hash/Treasure Hunt 2002/12/29 (Sun) Cincinnati
264 Yes Mariemont Inn None 2002/12/12 (Thu) Mariemont
261 No Hollywood Video The Flasher Hash 2002/11/16 (Sat) Cincinnati
260 No Goodyear Tire Center None 2002/11/02 (Sat) Milford
255 No Kellogg Soccer Field SCH4 7th Analversary 2002/09/21 (Sat) Cincinnati
250 No German Club Edelweiss Mash Nash Hash 2002/08/25 (Sun) Englewood
246 No Bruce's Canoe Livery 2nd Anal Splish Splash Hash 2002/08/10 (Sat) Loveland
244 No Complete Petmart Anderson Daze 2002/07/27 (Sat) Cincinnati
241 No Diner Parking Lot None 2002/06/29 (Sat) Cincinnati
240 Yes Greenhills Shopping Center None 2002/06/20 (Thu) Cincinnati